Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fuck Off Then Take Two Steps Back

Gamblers to be fingerprinted.
With an Orwellian-sounding head-fuck of an idea that goes by the name of  "mandatory pre-commitment", the Prime Minister of Australia - a leader who leads with the flimsiest of mandates - is  proposing to have a rather large number of Australians submit to the carrying of their fingerprints on a microchip, simply to fulfil  a deal with a single independent.

In an an effort to see many Australians unable to spend the money that they themselves have earned, in a manner that they themselves see fit, 'mandatory pre-commitment' has been set a target date for implementation of 2014. This will require those Australians who wish to partake in the legal activity of gambling - by playing pokies, or fruit machines - to carry a USB stick that contains details of a their personal, government-appointed gambling limit, plus their personal details and fingerprints and will also require all establishments that house pokies to be able to access this data.

Wow ! This is wrong on so many levels that, even though I do not gamble, if this does indeed go ahead I think I may just stick my head in the oven and turn the fucking gas on.


Dick Puddlecote said...

I read a good article earlier on this very subject here.

Groompy Tom said...

Cheers, just read it and that is very good.
It seems another section of society has been selected for experimental limit-pushing, patience-testing research. I used to think it would be the drinkers second, after the smokers, but it looks it'll be the gamblers.

Captain Ranty said...

It's ALL of us Tom.

The Righteous just haven't realised that yet.


Groompy Tom said...

You're right CR. Sadly that is how it looks.

XD said...

If regulations like this continue who knows how far the government will go. Vids like this one: could turn out to be somewhat prophetic.

Groompy Tom said...

Good link, XD. Cheers
Probably not too far off either.
I give it a decade, two at the most, for the UK.
The US is probably further off because it's armed to the teeth. Smart chaps those those that gave the Yanks a right to bear arms.

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