Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Gun Owners Raise Objections To Weapons Act

'Restrict toy guns' and 'allow religious exemptions for the possession of knives'?
Because toy guns are infinitely more dangerous than real knives, right ?

The EDL Are Clearly Racist

As you may garner from the picture below.

Young man,
I know not who you are, nor from whence you once came. But my hat is off to you, Sir.
Stay the course, stay strong, you'll do alright.

Monday, 29 November 2010

"Political Correctness Gone Mad"... Again

Say the West Australian Police Officers' Union

Ha Ha Ha, fucking laugh out loud ! WA Plod can no longer use details such as a suspect's nationality, race or even religion when seeking help from the public in identifying a suspect !
Instead, they have been told to say only - wait for it, wait for it - if the person is light or dark skinned.

Jesus monkey-balls fucking Christ and then some, what a complete head fuck ! I thought I left all this PC crap behind me when I left the UK, but apparently not, because the WA Equal Opportunities Commission - aka Jobsworths United - says the ban was introduced six months ago after complaints that using ethnic descriptions was racist. Silly me, I understand that using ethnic terms in a derogatory sense can be racist but I was unaware that to use ethnic terms was racist, full stop.

One not-too-happy WA Copper points out the obvious and states "There is a big difference between a dark-skinned person being Aboriginal or African. And if we are looking for an Asian person-of-interest it's a bit narrow to describe them as simply having fair skin and dark hair." But Maria Saraceni, one of the three Mungbeans who are responsible for implementing this, reckons "If police say they are looking for an Indian, how would the public know to distinguish between an Indian and a Pakistani ?"
Err, OK, so the police now say 'the suspect is fair skinned' but surely by Mungbean logic this could cause offence to all fair skinned people, or is it 'the suspect is dark skinned' which, also by Mungbean logic, could cause offence to all dark skinned people ?
Oh fuck, I'm confused !

And it seems I'm not the only one as some of the comments below would show.

Forrest Gump of Perth Posted at 6:58 PM November 27, 2010
This is madness at the extreme. Police are not stupid, they are culturally aware and do know the difference between an African, Aboriginal and an Asian. The issue here is to allow the police to correctly identify the suspect and to alert the public that there exists a risk. What can we expect next? The same set of guidelines appliced to sex offenders? I can see that one coming. The police not being permitted to identify the gender of an supsect since "it might send out the wrong message" Can you imagine the news report... "Attention all viewers. The police advise that a person (omit Male/Female since that is considered sexist) has commited sexual assault... The person that police are seeking has 2 arms, 2 legs, a mouth and a p3nis. Police will not confirm or deny that the suspect is a male or Female..."

gus Posted at 7:07 PM November 27, 2010
The UK, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, etc all thought this was a good idea too..fill their country with third world immigrants then change every law to favour the immigrants. Oh yes and those same countries are hardly worth living in if you are not a third world immigrant too. But why should we learn from the mistakes of others when we can make worse mistakes ourselves??

K of Alfred Cove Posted at 7:32 PM November 27, 2010
...since when is FACT racist?

Person Posted at 8:03 PM November 27, 2010
It should also be banned to refer to one's sex. To say they are hunting for a male bank robber for example infers all males are bank robbers. They should just say they are 'hunting for a person', and not mention the crime at all. .. Sound ridiculous? .. Soon it will be law... hehe

Common Sense Posted at 8:21 PM November 27, 2010
This sure is PC gone too far...I can see why the Multicultural Council is pushing for awareness within the community that we're ALL Australians...however, the Law Enforcement Agencies (local and federal) should do everything they can to ease or aid their apprehension of criminals, using any kind of description that will help them do their job. However, it must be said...I'm a true blue Aussie...love the place, pay every cent of due taxes, volunteer in the community, shed a tear or two when we win a medal at the Games and our song starts to play...BUT...people still ask me "where are you from originally?" Why? Because I'm of full-blood Chinese descent. I've got a neighbour who has been in Australia for 15 years, still doesn't have an Australian citizenship, has been out of work and on the dole a lot, has a faint hint of an accent but nobody ever asks him where's he's from orginally because he's widely accepted as an Aussie...why? He's got blonde hair and blue eyes. So...let's cut the PC crap and call a spade a spade...there's a huge redneck element in Australia that we need to eradicate, but please...let the coppers do their job.

Mr Carrot Top of Parliament House Posted at 9:25 PM November 27, 2010
Everyone close their eyes and describe yourself out loud. I am a ranga with freckles fair skin red nose and wear big shoes and waste a lot of time talking crap. I am a clown you say. Nope I work for the WA government and come up with funny policies that makes everyone laugh.

down the gurgler Posted at 9:45 PM November 27, 2010
goodbye crime stoppers

Oaklegs Posted at 9:47 PM November 27, 2010
Why not use the British system, it seemed to work quite well on 'The Bill'. e.g. The IC codes are: IC1 – White person IC2 – Mediterranean person IC3 – African/Caribbean person IC4 – Pakistani,Indian, Nepalese, Maldivian, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, or any other (South) Asian person IC5 – Chinese, Japanese, or South-East Asian person IC6 – Arabic, Egyptian,Tunisian,Algerian or Maghreb person IC9 – Roma, Romany, or Gypsy person IC0 – Origin unknown maybe aboriginal.

(What... The... Fuck... Is... All... That... About ???)

space cadet of perth Posted at 11:02 PM November 27, 2010
Believe me if i have to dedscribe an offender to the relevant authorities i will do so in no uncertain terms,if they're purple with pink polka dots that's how they will be described to the police,so whats the problem.

Keith from Perth of perth Posted at 12:28 AM Today
Lets use commonsense if you are chinese and born in Australia you are Australian and I welcome you, but fair go if you committed a crime the description would be asian appearance,or if skin brown black or white that is the colour not dark, I worked on BOUGAINVILLE ISLAND and they are black as coal and proud of it and very nice people but their description is black, there is good and bad in all races of people but to catch criminals a proper description should be given and not considered being rasist.

Let the anarchy begin Posted at 12:49 AM November 28, 2010
Police probably shouldn't be showing images of suspects in hope of identifying them either, this could cause the suspect's ethnicity to be identified. The media shouldn't be allowed to film outside any court as this will identify people who may be there facing criminal charges. I hope they blur or pixilate images of suspect or offenders before airing them on TV from now on. I will not be happy if I see a 'light skinned person'(formerly caucasian or asian) or a 'dark skinned person'(formerly aboriginal, african, indian, pakistani, middle eastern, Maori, samoan or very tanned caucasians/asians) put on TV as a suspect in a crime or an identified offender without the image being blurred or pixilated. I think watching an entire news report may hurt your eyes, having to watch majority of the report pixelated. At least the government will achieve it's objective of reducing the court work load and prison capacity, can't lock them up if you can't catch them.

Sunstorm of Perth Posted at 2:32 AM November 28, 2010
The PC crowd would rather have violent criminals run loose than 'enforce stereotypes'. Wonder what the crime rates are like in the suburbs they live in....

Longdonkey19 of Reality World Posted at 8:11 PM November 28, 2010
this is insane. what next? I'm looking for a person...they have clothes and a hat. So who cares if someone can't tell between a pakistani or an indian? they're the same friggin race for crying out loud. Just different nationalities. Only separated by religious differences. If i say indian looking at least they know what to look for. if he's actually pakistani makes no difference. If I said someone looked Yugoslav would all white people be offended? maybe croats and serbs but again they are the same race. Their own prejudices isn't my fault. WHAT A JOKE!!!!

And my personal favourite...

Chief Wiggum Posted at 4:22 PM November 28, 2010
Suspect is HATLESS, repeat HATLESS!

Now, continuing with this warped logic of upside-down-topsy-turvyness, I will give you all a history lesson or two as will be taught in the year 2020, if I may.
WWII - A Light skinned country invaded a neighboring country, also inhabited by light skinned people, which caused several other light-skinned nations to declare war on that country. Eventually more countries became involved with light and dark skinned people all going at at it.
Moon Landing - A nation of light skins was in a race with another nation of light skins to be the first to land on the moon, the light skins won.
Confused? Yep, me too. But we're not nearly as confused as the jobsworths that keep coming up with these half-baked ideas simply as a means to keep themselves employed in their non-jobs.

Rant, over.

Some Mungbeans, busy conjuring up their next mind-boggling social-engineering experiment.

Things That Make You Go 'Hmmm'

Bradford and Rochdale, England, Yesterday. In case you were wondering 'Eid' is the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha - which marks Abraham’s apparent willingness to sacrifice his son to an apparent God - and it passed on the 16th of this month. Still, no time like the present for the Dhimmis to display their diverse, multicultural, politically correct credentials.

Full story over at Un:dhimmi

Wikileaks Under Attack

Browse the database at The Guardian


The Saudi King's advice for Obama.
"When asked what advice he had for President Obama, the King said he had 'one request': that it was 'critically important to restore America's credibility' in the world".
OK. When you're getting PR tips from the ruler of that nation, something, somewhere has gone very, very wrong.

A glimpse into Libyan leader Qadhafi's eccentricities, over at The Red Rag. Where we hear all about Qadhafi's voluptuous, blonde, Ukrainian nurse, Galyna Kolotnytska.

Does Turkey really want to "take back Andalusia and avenge the defeat at the siege of Vienna in 1683" ?

The Daily Mail reveal the Americans think "Ahmadinejad is like Hitler", Kim Jong-il is "a flabby old chap", Sarkozy is "the Emperor with no clothes" and Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev "plays Robin to Putin's Batman". Ouch !

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Stop Eating And Run Around

The West Australian State Government will spend more than $11 million of taxpayer's money, over the next three years, rebranding its anti-obesity health campaigns, after concerns too many messages and logos are confusing people.

Well with slogans such as 'Go for 2&5', 'Find Thirty Every Day' and 'Draw the Line', I'm not fucking surprised ! Respectively, they sound like slogans from a Noel Edmonds themed game-show, an average smokers' day and a fucking Johnny Cash song.

An internal Health Department document is calling for expressions of interest from non-government agencies to run a $9.1 million Healthy Living Program and $2.25 million Food Literacy program to help people understand good nutrition.

Ok, let me help.

Eat healthily. When nearing what you gluttons consider to be full, stop. Then run around a little bit you fat bastards. Repeat, sparingly. And for fuck's sake, stop giving the state reason to interfere in others' lives !

“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson.

Hoping And Praying The Euro Project Is Destroyed

"If you rob people of their identity, if you rob them of their democracy, then all they have left is Nationalism and violence. I can only hope and pray that the Euro project is destroyed by the markets before that really happens". Nigel Farage MEP

Notes From The Roads Of Yesteryear. I

The first of a collection of essays and emails, that I had since forgotten I ever wrote, from my time travelling the world a few years back. Completely un-edited, only the names have been censored to protect the guilty.


Last night, I was in a car, on the way home from a nightclub, and I almost ran over some drunk in the middle of the road. Clipped him with the driver's side wing mirror.

Two nights ago I was at a crazy house party in Manchester, when the alcohol ran dry. Me and my cousin fixed the problem by raiding the hosts parents' wine collection.

Last weekend I was on my way to an illegal rave in London when a girl, whom my friend had introduced me to earlier in the day, grabbed my hand and said "forget this party, I want you to come home and fuck me". I did.

One week ago my pants were around my ankles as I did the walk of shame after being "pants-downed" by some Victorian junior pool champ at the Generator Hostel in London.

Two weeks ago my pants were around my ankles as I did the walk of shame after being "pants-downed" by some random girl playing pool at the Generator Hostel in Berlin. That morning a few of us were smoking pot and doing lines off the breakfast tables while the hostel staff cooked breakfast.

Two nights before that ***** shagged a Kiwi girl while ******* "tried to sleep" on the bunk above. The next night I shagged the Kiwi bird's German friend on *****'s bed.

Before we left London for Berlin, I almost talked my way into the pants of a drunk Easyjet hostess in a hotel bar, not so easy after all. The night before that my wallet was stolen from a hostel. Two weeks before that some street urchins tried to mug me and my mate in London. They got fuck all.

Five days before that I was walking around the Colosseum, in Rome. The day before that I was standing inside Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. Two days before that I was on top of a volcano in Naples. The day after that I was touring the ancient city that that volcano destroyed.

The country before that I stayed at a hostel called the Pink Palace. I have never seen so many drunk women, willing to get naked, in all my life.

The country before that I was working as a barman inside a bar that was inside a cave.

Two weeks before that I took the war medals of a long dead ancestor to the British and Commonwealth war memorial that bears his name at Cape Helles, Turkey. The day after that I attended the ANZAC Dawn Service at ANZAC Cove Gallipoli.

The country before that a crazy bitch who worked in a sandwich shop lost the plot because ***** and I ordered in English not Greek. Fucking mole !

The country before that a Chinese waitress was kind enough to teach me how to by a train ticket because I was drunk, alone and couldn't read the Chinese language instructions in the Hong Kong subway. There may or may not have been English instructions, I'll never know.

Twenty-four hours before that I was saying goodbye to friends and family in Australia.

A week or so before that I bought my ticket for this world trip.

Before that I was seriously considering taking out a loan and buying a house.

In an hour or so I will be on a train heading into Manchester to meet *****, ******* and *** when they arrive from London.

Next week my cousin and I are flying to Ireland where I will go and visit an old high school friend of mine.

In a few months I will be flying into Beirut, Lebanon. From there I will somehow make my way to Cairo via Syria, Jordan and Israel.

Before that, I will travel through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the top of France and hopefully some Eastern Bloc countries. I will also, most likely, throw up on myself or somebody else while drinking at the Oktoberfest in Munich.

In a year, maybe two, I will be flying into Sydney. I could be, at the oldest, 27 years old. I left Australia aged 24.

Good Times.

Friday, 26 November 2010

About Bloody Time !

I appreciate this is yesterday's news but I think it's damn good news and worth repeating, because finally a British newspaper has grown a pair and called for Britain to withdraw from the EU superstate.

To quote from their article, the Daily Express are saying; "From this day forth our energies will be directed to furthering the cause of those who believe Britain is Better Off Out".
Credit where credit is due and my opinion of the British press, this particular rag at least, has gone up a little. On a scale of 0 - 10 it is now a solid 1.

The Express is also gathering names for an online petition, to be sent to the clowns sock puppets we call our government, and that petition can be found here.

Other anti-EU sources can be found at A Case For TreasonHave You Say and also over at EU Referendum Campaign, where you can have a giggle at Jon Gaunt's ugly addorable little mug.
If you've got a bit more spunk than it takes to simply sign petitions then you can also get writing to your MP and your MEP.
Hell, why not go the whole hog and report the crime of treason to your local plod or even write to the Queen ? Don't expect a reply from Her Majesty though, one of her lackeys will do that.

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London       SW1A 1AA
United Kingdom

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Obama's Granny Prays He Will Convert To Islam

Now I personally have slight suspicions - as do 1 in 5 of his employers - that our Bazza already is of the Islamic faith.
But either way, isn't it sweet that his Granny Omar, who has just returned from Saudi Arabia after performing the Hajj to Mecca and throwing rocks at Satan and stuff like that, prays that the leader of the world's current superpower will convert to Islam. Because that's just what the world needs right now. Right ?
Forget Where's Wally, let's play Where's Obama's Granny

Lack Of Blogging

Anyone who gives a fuck cares may have noticed that Groompy Tom has been more than a little lazy with his blogging as of late. This being due to the fact of having to do that thing that we all fucking hate and move house.

Not just any old move though, oh no, not the type of move where you call in a favour from your mate with a van and ask them if they'd mind having you pile all your worldly possessions into it and having them drive you to the next suburb or state. No this was a move of biblical proportions, my worldly possessions shall be arriving by sea and only God knows when exactly and the total distance covered was some 14000km as the crow flies.
But crows don't take passengers so I went by Singapore Airlines. This added a bit more to it, although I won't complain 'cause crows don't have pretty girls serving an endless supply of in-flight drinks, nor do they have TVs built into headrests on which you can watch all the latest movies and play games and shit like that.
In fact all crows have is fleas and lice and they tend to have their heads buried in dead things all day.  Singapore Airlines 1 - 0 Crows.

But time and tide wait for no man and this world of sheer madness continued to turn in my absence.

Students tearing up London, smashing up shit at a cost to the hard up taxpayer, screaming for money that simply isn't there. Go ask Labour where it all went you thick little cunts, or are you scared to bite the only hand that will feed you ?
Islamists tearing up the west, using their democratic right to protest to demand an end to the democratic right to protest and the introduction of their beloved Sharia. Yep, their fucking priceless alright ! Don't you just feel so 'enriched' by their presence ?
The Grumpy Old Twat has a good vid' up, just in case you've missed the contribution these kind gentlemen bring to our cities.
And Dark Lochnagar also has a real eye opener of a post up, a story about how some Taliban, busy as they are banning the flying of kites and leering at dancing boys, find the time to drive minicabs in the UK. How very community spirited of them.
In fact there are plenty of good reads to be found in the blog roll just down there and to the right a bit on your screen somewhere. Why not go and take a look ? They're constantly updated by other bloggers who are still hard at it while I sort my shit out  sober up  get my act together  unpack my things and settle in.
But please, do be warned, some of them may raise your blood pressure to levels you thought weren't possible and you may need a few stiff drinks when your done.

Last but certainly not least, I notice that Sir Olly Cromwell has had a stroke of pure genius in deciding to run for London Mayor in 2012.
His campaign looks to be one of civil disobedience and it's slogan ? 'Starving The London Beast' !
Well done that man. Why not pop over to the campaign site and have a little gander for yourselves ?
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