Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Staying Till The Bitter End

Well, you wouldn't want to miss the speeches now would you?

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Law Is The Law

There's a circus in town at the moment featuring an Australian attorney general playing the part of ringmaster and attempting to pass an act requiring all Australians to undress when instructed to do so by his clowns.

Yes! Roll up, roll up! For the most amazing show on Earth!

And it really is that amazing.

That depressingly fucking amazing how many people are actually comfortable to watch a show that mistreats it's animals in that way.

OK. Enough of the circus shit.

Late last year a Muslim bird dressed in a Niqab was pulled up by a man in a funny suit and hat traffic cop and asked to reveal her face to confirm her identity. She was then fined for the completely trivial offence of having her rear P-Plate partly obscured by the car's number plate (It is a trivial offence, but hey, even if it weren't you'de have to admit, what's wrong with partly covering up your P-Plate when you're completely covered up yourself?) Perhaps being slightly taken aback by the revelation that obscuring things down-under is frowned upon or perhaps having never dealt with your average Aussie traffic cop (her driving records would suggest it was the former, not that latter) she innocently mistook his cuntishness for racism and threw a bit of a temper tantrum.

Nothing too out of order, no violence, no crying. Just lots of jumping up and down and screaming 'racist', to no effect.
Carnita Matthews is then alleged to have gotten way out of order when, in the following day or so, she popped down her local nick to make a formal complaint of racial so and so and accuse officer Plod of attempting to tear off her veil. Having been shown by Plod's dashboard camera to be telling porkies she was then sentenced to six months inside, but later escaped doing any time whatsoever by convincing the retrial judge that it wasn't her who made the complaint, oh no, it was some other bird dressed up like one of them ghosts from Pac-Man. 'We all look the same, see' Very clever.

As The All Seeing Eye pointed out, the reaction to the quashing of the sentence from the Islamic communtiy was completely predictable and also culturally appropriate for a bunch of deranged savages. Very funny.

This cluster-fuck of a trial obviously ruffled a few feathers and some in the law enforcement and revenue raising business were 'shocked' to learn that they had no legal powers to physically remove our clothing when we have not committed or been convicted of any crime. Wait until they're told they have no legal powers to taser us just for laughs, they'll be fucking flabbergasted!

Now all this talk of powers to dictate how people dress is catching and some state police departments are urging businesses and shopping centres to create 'hoodie-free zones'. The logic behind this is that crackheads willing to shoot and stab shop-owners for their daily takings will be confronted by a sign politely asking them to remove their hoodie to identify themselves and suddenly no longer feel the need to fund their drug habit. I have my doubts.

It's also catching in that an awful lot of Australians are all for it and say police should have the power to remove a persons clothing when that person has committed no crime and is not under arrest. They then usually back it up with some throw-away statement like 'well if that's the law you must obey it'

Well Carnita Mathews chose to blindly obey certain laws and take a look how that worked out for her... Dressed from head to toe in a bloody garbage bag because 'that is the law'.

Or maybe I'm being a touch over sensitive about all this. I mean police having the powers to strip us of our clothing, how bad can it be, right?


Now, tell me again how more Islam in the West won't result in less freedom for us. Tell me again that Western Governments aren't using this backwards religion as a crowbar to pry us from our rights.

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