Sunday, 23 January 2011

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Green Climate Monster

From Australian Climate Madness.

"After many minutes of painstaking research, Australian Climate Madness has decreed that all unusual or severe weather events of whatever nature, anywhere in the world, are solely the mischievous work of the Green Climate Monster... The GCM is responsible for the shrinking Arctic ice sheet, the growing Antarctic ice sheet, advancing glaciers, retreating glaciers, heatwaves, cold spells, mountains of snow, absence of snow, droughts, floods, hurricanes, absence of hurricanes, very windy days, calm days, sunny days, cloudy days, foggy days, El NiƱo and his twin sister, the seasons, thunderstorms, absence of thunderstorms, excess rainfall, less rainfall, extinction of frogs, discovery of new frogs, fewer polar bears, more polar bears..."

"But simply replace my imaginary friend with 'climate change' and that's the situation we find ourselves in today. Climate change causes everything. Nothing can disprove climate change."

For a full and quite mind-boggling list of everything the GCM is responsible for, check out Warmlist.


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Who Wants What These Days?

Sydney 'artist' refuses to remove giant no-burqa mural in the name of free speech.

I started reading about this thinking 'This guy is a fucking idiot. Of course he has the right to paint political murals, but so too does every other fucker and do we really want parts of Sydney resembling parts of sectarian Northern Ireland? Besides, he's going to need police protection from angry types now'.
Then I read that last Sunday, 50 left-wing vandals hurled paint at his property before turning on police.
But then, but then I read, that he says he painted it last September in response to a local fashion designer receiving death threats over a plan to feature models wearing the traditional Islamic garment in a fashion parade - and I'm left scratching my head.

Who wants what here? Does this guy want burkas in fashion shows or no burkas at all? What does whoever made the death threats to the fashion show want; burkas on the streets but not in fashion shows, or burkas everywhere?
Does any fucker involved actually know what they want? It's all very confusing.
At least the lefty 'activists' always know what they want. They got what they wanted, they threw some paint around and fought with the police so they're as happy as pigs in shit.


Sunday, 16 January 2011

The European Union Forgets Christmas And Easter

But of course manages to remember Ramadan, Chinese New Year and Diwali.

From the Daily Mail

"The European Union has sent millions of diaries to schools which list the dates of Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish and Chinese festivals - but omit any mention of Christian celebrations.
In an extraordinary move, three million 2011 notebooks were printed at a cost of £4.4million to the taxpayer. Around 350,000 of the diaries have already been shipped to schools in the UK alone. There is no record for Christmas, Easter or Lent - despite bureaucrats carefully listing the EU’s self-styled ‘Europe Day’ on May 9."

Christians of Europe; do you ever get the feeling the EU doesn't like you very much?
Apart from listing many cultural and religious holidays that are entirely alien to Europe, the diaries also contain much more vital information for children aged between 12 and 16 – such as the dangers of the Internet and climate change.
This is European Union propaganda at it's very worst and I do hereby declare April the 23rd of this year, St George's Day, as a day to heap these diaries onto bonfires.

Demand a referendum here.


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Friday, 14 January 2011

Traitors To The United Kingdom

The Construct Of Treason


Since 1972 six European Union treaties have been signed abolishing our nation. As this is illegal under the British Constitution, our nation has been undermined in this and many other ways. The European Union is succeeding exclusively through subversion by traitors from inside the UK.
List Of Traitors To The UK

Big tip of the hat to Sue over at Muffled Vociferation.


Town Of Speed Wants To Be Renamed Speedkills

The town of Speed, Australia, population 45, along with the Transport Accident Commission, today unveiled a proposal to rename the town 'Speedkills' for a month. Then, if 10,000 people like the campaign's Facebook page, the TAC will donate $10,000 to change the town's signs.

Welcome to Speedkills.
 Population: 45 TAC Indoctrinated Drones.

I await the news that one of Speedkills upstanding residents has been done for watching the road rather than their speedometer.

'Driver's license and registration please. Oh, you're from Speedkills! Well you of all people...'

After looking into the Australian national road-toll statistics and I've found that on the SaferRoads website it is stated that "More than 30 years ago, Australia's road toll began a dive from over 3,000 deaths every year, to around 1,750. Around 7 years ago that trend stopped and since then, the road toll has been basically stagnant." They also include two graphs, one for the years 1960-2002 and one for the years 2002-2006, unfortunately they have decided to use a cumulative graph for the latter years, which at first gives the impression that the toll has not stayed stagnant but has increased, when in fact it has on average continued on a slight downward trend. I don't know why they have done this.

Click here to enlarge.

Click here to enlarge.
 It is also stated that an Australian road safety strategy could save 700 lives every year by improving road conditions (332 lives), vehicle safety (175 lives), driver behaviour (158 lives), and by adopting improved safety technology (35 lives). No where could I see any data on the what the effects of aggressively targeting speeders or the changing of a town's name would be on the annual road toll.
When you consider that Australia's population has doubled to over 20,000,000 since the 1960's and the number of road users has probably increased out of sight, yet the road toll has actually dived, you can't help but come to the conclusion that it is more likely that it is the vast improvements in car safety and road conditions that have saved lives, not that motorists who are speeding by 10% or so over the limit are receiving fines in the mail and certainly not because there is a tiny town by the name of Speed situated in the middle of fucking nowhere - well, situated 400kms North West of Melbourne to be fair.
Perhaps if Australians really want to save lives, we need to be prepared for the government to spend more of our money more wisely on our roads and highways and freeways, rather than collecting more of our money off speeding motorists and then spending it on crazy business like this 'Speedkills. Population 45' abomination. It seems a reasonable idea.

This is all getting a little out of hand now.


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Political Party Perverts

Assorted UK Political Party Perverts for your attention.

. Tory Party General election candidate, Michael Powell - Convicted and jailed for 3 years for downloading hardcore child porn.
. Tory Party Councillor (Wickbar/Bristol) Roger Talboys - Convicted and jailed for 6 years for multiple sex attacks on children.
. Tory Party MP (Billericay) Harvey Proctor - Stood trial for sex offences of a sado-masochistic nature against teenage boys, and was forced to resign.
. Tory Party Councillor ( Stratford-upon-Avon ) Christopher Pilkington - Convicted of downloading hardcore child porn on his PC. Placed on sex offenders register and forced to resign.
. Tory Party councillor ( Coventry ), Peter Stidworthy - Charged with indecent assault of a 15-year old boy.
. Tory Party Mayor ( North Tyneside ), Chris Morgan - Forced to resign after being arrested twice in 2 weeks, for indecent assault on a 15-year old girl, and for suspicion of downloading child porn.
. Tory Party Liaison Manager on the London Assembly, Douglas Campbell, who's job includes running the Tory GLA website - Arrested for allegedly downloading child porn. He is currently suspended while the Police investigation continues.
. Tory Party Councillor (Folkestone - in Leader, Michael Howard's constituency), Robert Richdale - 41 year history of crime, involving 30 convictions and 5 prison sentences. Richdales enormous criminal record, which covers 10 pages of A4 paper, includes convictions for assault, theft, causing death by dangerous driving, forgery, drugs offences, possession of an offensive weapon, and sex attacks against underage schoolgirls. The Tory Party election campaign literature described Richdale as "a family man" who had a "compassionate personality"
. Entire Labour Party conspired to conceal the activities of Labour Party activist and serial child-molester Mark Trotter, who died from AIDS before he could be convicted.

. Labour Councillor (Newton Aycliffe) Martin Locklyn - Convicted and jailed for 15 years for sexually abusing 3 14-year-old boys.
. Labour Councillor (North Lincolnshire) David Spooner - Convicted and jailed for 1 year for masturbating in front of 2 young boys.
. Labour Mayor (Westhoughton/Lancashire) Nicholas Green - Convicted and jailed for 10 years for 3 rapes and 13 counts of indecent assault against little girls between the age of 6 and 10. He raped one woman on her wedding day.
. Prominent Labour Party activist Mark Tann (who has met Tony & Cherie at Party functions) recently got a 15-year sentence for raping a 4-year old girl on 2 separate occasions.
. Labour Councillor (Manchester), George Harding - Charged with indecent assault on a girl of 12.
. William Straw - Son of Labour Foreign Secretary, and former Home Secretary - Jack Straw, was cautioned by Police for drug dealing, amid a frantic Government attempt to cover up the matter and gag the media as to his identity. Jack Straw also has a brother who was convicted of a sex attack on a schoolgirl.
. Homosexual mass murderer; Dennis Nielsen, who strangled and dismembered 16 young men in the 1980`s, was also a highly active member of Labour fringe groups such as the Anti-Nazi League, and the Socialist Workers Party. That's when he wasn't busy boiling peoples heads in a pot, or masturbating over the corpses of his victims.
 . According to media reports, the names of 2 former Labour Cabinet Ministers said to be `Household names` appear on the `Operation Ore ` list of subscribers to hard-core child pornography. The same FBI investigation, which led to the arrest of rock star Pete Townshend.
. Lib-Dem Council candidate (Tower Hamlets), Justin Sillman - Convicted and jailed for 2 years for sexual abuse of young boys.
. Lib-Dem Councillor and Mayoral Candidate ( Sheffield ), Francis Butler- Prosecuted for indecent assault of a young boy.
. Lib-Dem Councillor ( Stockport ) Neil Derbyshire - Sexually assaulted a 16-year old boy in a public toilet. He was caught with a plastic bag containing lubricant, plastic surgical gloves, a condom, and underpants.
. Lib-Dem Councillor ( Preston ), Bill Chadwick - Charged with: Making an indecent photograph of a child, Incitement to rape, Incitement to murder, Incitement to kidnap, and Incitement to torture. Chadwick's gay lover - Alan Valentine, is also a Lib-Dem councillor.

And we allow men like these to represent us!

Taken from the article 'Blair covering up paedophile scandal?' at The People's United Community.


Revenge Is Sweet

Not sure if this is really the work of a disgruntled employee, but if it is they are my hero.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Depths Of Dhimmitude

Apologising to an entire Muslim community after raids have been carried out on the houses of a few Muslim suspects! What type of magic mushrooms have the Royal Canadian Mounted Police been eating out there in the woods? Do they apologise to any other religious community after they kick in the front-door of a house belonging to one of its followers?

The day after the raids, which took place during Ramadan, with the houses and computers belonging to the suspects still being searched, Mountie Cpl. Wayne Russett called for an emergency meeting in the name of 'cultural diversity' and 'community outreach' sending an email that stated "to show support to our Muslim brothers and sisters during Ramadan, there will be no food or drink during this most important meeting. This meeting is for one hour only, in order to observe prayer time and the breaking of the fast during Ramadan”.
Very interesting that Cpl. Russet refers to the Islamic community as "our Muslim brothers and sisters"; I guess in his eyes they're the spoilt type of brothers and sisters that always get their own way because mummy says then can simply do no wrong. During the meeting the Mounties and Ottawa police officials went as far to apologise that arrests had taken place at all during Ramadan.  Now, as for the question; do the Mounties apologise to other religions? One person at this meeting aired the opinion that he doubted police would call a meeting of Christian leaders to apologise for arresting someone on Christmas Day.

But what do the Muslims living in Canada think of all this? Well Tarek Fatah, of the Muslim Canadian Congress, reckons this "is an indication of how within the RCMP there are officers in authority who do not see the threat Islamism poses to our nation, but unwittingly perform the role of useful idiots,"
Brilliant! I couldn't have put it better myself, he could of course be describing the police forces of many western countries. However, I would like to point out to Mr Fatah, that there should be no need for a Muslim Canadian Congress either.

More details and the original news item from All Seeing Eye.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Luton Council Writes To The Home Secretary

Dear Home Secretary,

...You will – we are sure – have seen the significant national media coverage about Luton in recent weeks. Virtually all national newspapers and many international publications have run significant stories about Luton as a town following the “Stockholm bomber’s” appalling actions. The proposed rally and march by the English Defence League on the 5th of next month has compounded the negative media coverage – something that has caused deep dismay and anxiety among the wider community in Luton – of whatever background, faith or outlook...

...We recognise that a ‘banning order’ on the EDL and counter demonstrators, would not  prohibit them from holding a static demonstration, however a march is – in our opinion – provocative and not conducive to the public good at this time and would risk serious disorder. Any march proposed by the EDL would – by necessity – need to travel through residential areas from the train station and other access points into the town...

...Further to this, the presence of the EDL processing through Luton has generated significant plans for visible and voluble counter-protests by other groups, some of whom will include Luton residents and others who will not. We would include among the groups who wish to counter-protest not only organised groups such as Unite Against Fascism (UAF), but also groups associated with the recent student protests in central London and potentially other groups associated with the defence of Islam from perceived threats. The intelligence available suggests this is the case...

...We cannot rule out also the possibility that local Asian [read Muslim] youths and others may also wish to counter-protest, which could create real issues for cohesion both on the day and after the 5th February itself...

...The presence of a high numbers of demonstrators supporting rival and diametrically opposing views is not conducive to the wellbeing of our community and has the potential to spark tensions and community impacts which as a Council we have worked so hard to avoid in recent years...

...We can confirm that Luton Borough Council has consulted widely about this request – including with key community representatives...

Yours sincerely,

Leader of the Council
Leader of the Liberal Democrat group
Leader of the Conservative Group


Tomorrow, London.
Next Month, Luton.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Quote Of The Day

"There are many very capable and well motivated people in Labor's team in the Parliament - but frankly many of them need to toughen up and get some balls"

Former Australian Labor Party minister, Alannah MacTiernan, criticizing Labor MPs for failing to stand up to the unions during a leadership contest.


Friday, 7 January 2011

As Brought To You By The Religion Of Peace

Click for large pic


Nice to see the Communists are trying their hardest to keep up, bless them.


Miliband Myth

What a cunt!

"Politically motivated desire to propagate a myth about the last Labour government"
Oh it's no fucking 'myth' cunt, it's reality, some people are living it.

"Great deceit designed to damage Labour has led to profoundly misguided and dangerous economic decisions that I fear will cause deep damage to Britain's future"
Even greater deceit designed to damage the British people, a great deal of which was propagated by your party, has led to profoundly misguided and dangerous economic decisions that I fear will cause deep damage to Britain's future, cunt.

"What is this deceit? It is that the deficit was caused by chronic overspending rather than a global financial crisis that resulted in recession and a calamitous collapse in tax revenues"
No need to be coming across all Shakespearean, edward. I am guilty of neither 'chronic overspending' nor responsible for any global-fucking-financial-crisis that resulted in a slow-down of you and your cohorts collecting taxes from us peasants, you fucker. May your washing never dry, bastard.

"Rapid rebalancing"
Ye have taken the helm of ship whose name be cursed for over 13 years 'round these shores. Ye dare ask her berthed again, young man?


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Somebody Get This Bitch A Bacon Sandwich

Wow! What a fucking carry on! What happened? Did someone dare ask for a soft-drink from the fridge clearly labeled 'NOT HALAL'?
Nope, Pshyco Boy here lost his rag at the Halal-friendly KFC in Punchbowl, Sydney, on Boxing Day, when someone began filming after they were refused bacon on their burger.

KFC Punchy does not serve bacon or pork in accordance with Islamic law - Halal of course meaning 'legal' so pork is now deemed 'illegal' by KFC Australia - and one employee can be heard saying "we don't have bacon" before Psycho Boy begins crying.
All very funny and moderately entertaining.

What is neither funny nor entertaining, however, is the comment left on Youtube by one 'InFabregasWeTrust4'

Bilal Skaf being the cowardly pig that led a series of racially-motivated gang rapes in Sydney in 2000.
InFabregasWeTrust4 is obviously a proper cunt and you can tell him that if you like by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Freak Of The Week VII

Now in the world of us humans it seems that tall, wafer-thin girls with no brains are currently what tends to get the male of the species all hot and horny, but not so in the world of beetles.
Australian Jewel Beetles have been caught trying to mate with beer bottles and boffins reckon the 20mm males are actually mistaking the discarded bottles with the female of the species. 20mm beetles trying to bump uglies with 170mm beer bottles, my they do like their girls large don't they!
Of course another way of looking at it would be that the males would rather hang out down the boozer than with their missuses, in which case they aren't that different to humans after all and any animal that displays even the slightest similarity to human behaviour is of course a complete freak.

'Easy on Ringo mate, there's enough of her to go around'
Picture: Jiri Lochman / Lochman Transparenci


The Met Office: A Bunch Of Fuck-Ups

From the Mail Online

"The Met Office warned ministers to expect an ‘exceptionally cold winter’ but then kept the prediction secret from the public. The forecaster decided not to reveal the information because it was embarrassed after wrongly predicting a ‘barbecue summer’ in 2009...Instead of a seasonal forecast, it offered only monthly snapshots."

What kind of Meteorological Office is that?

'Yeah we're pretty sure it's going to be one of the coldest winters on record so we'll inform the elite of this fact, but not the man on the street 'cause he might call us useless cunts if we're wrong like we were last year. Of course this won't allow any plans to be but in place to avoid the country coming to a standstill but we still get paid so who give a flying fuck, right?'

Incompetence beyond belief ! Especially when they claim to provide "world leading weather services for the public, business and government." Yes, that would be the exact same public and businesses they failed to inform of the impending freeze.

Hat tip to The QUIET_MAN


Monday, 3 January 2011

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year To Anjem Choudary

Anjem Choudary; look at him, isn't he just adorable! Those rosy-red cheeks of his, those smiling eyes, that fuzzy-wuzzy-muzzie beard, that sword he's brandishing to make up for his tiny penis, such a change from his old college days when he could often be found drooling over the pages of porno' magazines while sucking back on ice-cold cans of Fosters. He looks so happy in that picture but it certainly can't have been taken recently because some mean bastards have gone and upset our Anjem.
Who could it be? Who would want to upset such a gentle old man like old man Choudary?
Well none other than Jeremy Clarkson and co' of course. Yes, those rascals from Top Gear have been at it again.

The boxing-day edition of Top Gear, screened in the UK, had Clarkson and Richard Hammond don burkas as they drove round the Syrian desert and it seems Anjem is none to happy about it. In fact he says that "The burka is a symbol of [the Islamic] religion and people should not make jokes about it in any way...It would have been equally bad even if they’d not been in a country mainly populated by Muslims."

Yes that's right, the one and only Mr Anjem Choudary, co-founder of banned extremist group al-Muhajiroun as well as spokesman for proscribed, UK based, extremist groups
Al Ghurabaa and Islam4UK, a man who works tirelessly to overthrow democracy and implement full Sharia law within the UK, a man who has previously called for public drunkenness to be punished by public flogging, laid out plans to have Trafalgar square turned into an Islamic, pre-prayer ablution site and has also called for the Queen to adopt the burka as Buckingham Palace is converted into a mosque, says he is offended by something as benign as two funny-guys covering their heads with what amounts to nothing more than a black potato sack.

Anjem old friend, happy new year. May 2011 bring you plenty more to be offended about you mixed-up muddled-up crazy, old, treasonous wank-stain. Now fuck off and die.

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