Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Who Wants What These Days?

Sydney 'artist' refuses to remove giant no-burqa mural in the name of free speech.

I started reading about this thinking 'This guy is a fucking idiot. Of course he has the right to paint political murals, but so too does every other fucker and do we really want parts of Sydney resembling parts of sectarian Northern Ireland? Besides, he's going to need police protection from angry types now'.
Then I read that last Sunday, 50 left-wing vandals hurled paint at his property before turning on police.
But then, but then I read, that he says he painted it last September in response to a local fashion designer receiving death threats over a plan to feature models wearing the traditional Islamic garment in a fashion parade - and I'm left scratching my head.

Who wants what here? Does this guy want burkas in fashion shows or no burkas at all? What does whoever made the death threats to the fashion show want; burkas on the streets but not in fashion shows, or burkas everywhere?
Does any fucker involved actually know what they want? It's all very confusing.
At least the lefty 'activists' always know what they want. They got what they wanted, they threw some paint around and fought with the police so they're as happy as pigs in shit.



Dark Lochnagar said...

I think it's time some of the ugly white birds were made to wear Bhurkas. How come us handsome cunts are forces to look at their gubs, day in, day out. Some of their eyes are quite attractive!

Groompy Tom said...

And their ankles can be quite pretty too, DL.

But I think we should stick to the more western tradition of a brown paper bag over the head, rather than importing these foreign potato sacks.

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