Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Freak Of The Week VII

Now in the world of us humans it seems that tall, wafer-thin girls with no brains are currently what tends to get the male of the species all hot and horny, but not so in the world of beetles.
Australian Jewel Beetles have been caught trying to mate with beer bottles and boffins reckon the 20mm males are actually mistaking the discarded bottles with the female of the species. 20mm beetles trying to bump uglies with 170mm beer bottles, my they do like their girls large don't they!
Of course another way of looking at it would be that the males would rather hang out down the boozer than with their missuses, in which case they aren't that different to humans after all and any animal that displays even the slightest similarity to human behaviour is of course a complete freak.

'Easy on Ringo mate, there's enough of her to go around'
Picture: Jiri Lochman / Lochman Transparenci


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