Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Fucking Love It !!!

Just seen this on twitter and I think it needs a much, much, fucking, much wider audience !

Muammar Gaddafi, When In Rome...

The Libyan leader and stealth-jihad promoter, Colonel Gaddafi has held another one of his infamous Islamic conversion parties in Rome.

Fleets of coaches ferried around 500 beautiful Italian women to the Libyan academy where they were paid €70 each to prostitute their ears, listening to the filthy old horn-dog bang on about some 7th century warlord being the last of the prophets and how they should all convert to Islam. Three women were successfully brainwashed and left wearing the chador.

"We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe - without swords, without guns, without conquests. The fifty million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades"
- Muammar abu Minyar al-Gaddafi

So much for 'when in Rome...' huh ?

Monday, 30 August 2010

Australian Teachers Paid Millions In Compo..

...For 'staring at the sun too long while on a brisk walk' !

What the ? Fuck me, why must the taxpayer continuously entertain these fucking morons ?

The Queensland government is being sued, at a rate of three times a day, because some teachers believe it is their birth-right to be compensated for everything from 'being blown over in strong winds' to 'having a dizzy spell whilst carrying a lunch box'.
Others have claimed compensation after slipping on pens or banana peals. One received $108,000 for an injury sustained pushing a gym mat up after it fell down, another claimed after injuring themselves while doing the hokey-fucking-pokey !
Did you spot the key words there ? “Injuring them-cunting-selves” !!!
These mongs sound like walking disaster zones! I'm not sure they should be allowed anywhere near a school, let alone inside and teaching kids. I mean seriously, who the hell stares at the sun nowadays, who the hell does that while walking ? Even worse, who does that and then expects to be compensated for it ?

Teachers of Australia do, that's who. Aren't Aussie kids just so lucky to have 'em !
I used to go to school with a kid that constantly walked around staring up at the sun, we nicknamed him 'the weatherman'. I have often wondered what advice teachers give to half-wits like him on careers day, now I know...
'Young man, you have a bright and wealthy future ahead of you. You're going to be a teacher”.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Tell Me Dave.

"Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around".
David Cameron - What I learnt from my stay with a Muslim family. May 2007.

Tell me Dave, I really want to know. With the birth this week of your daughter, exactly which part of British Asian culture, by which we know you meant to say Muslim culture, would you like your daughter to 'integrate more' with ?
a)     The wearing of the Hijab - or perhaps the Niqab.
b)     Arranged marriage - the rejection of which quite often leads to 'honour killing'.
c)     First cousin marriage - resulting in near on 33% of all genetic birth defects in Britain.
d)     Female genital mutilation - no need to elaborate really.
e)     None of the above.
I'm guessing 'e' huh Dave ?

Weak Carbon Reduction Policy Cost Labor Election...

… Says the Australian Climate Institute.

Oh, how fucking predictable interesting !

A poll commissioned by the Climate Institute suggests Labor could have won two extra seats and perhaps the election had it not deferred its carbon pollution reduction scheme (CPRS).
Of those polled, 32 per cent who voted Green said they would have voted Labor if it weren't for the decision to postpone the introduction of the CPRS.

What this poll fails to take into account is that had Labor stuck to it's guns on the CPRS, then the 1 in 3 Green votes they may have picked up, would have been completely wiped out by the votes they would have lost to the coalition, had they not dropped the CPRS.

Swedish Political Ad Banned For 'Hate Speech'

Swedish television channel, TV4 has decided not to air an ad for the Sweden Democrats (SD) before the election because it believes the clip promotes hate speech.

Where is the 'hate speech' ? All I see is a video arguing that people who have paid into a system their entire lives, should get their fair share. Where the fuck is the 'hate' in that ?


Saturday, 28 August 2010

EDL Bradford Demo

With the Home Secretary - Theresa May a thousand fleas from a camel's arse infest your home - issuing a blanket ban on all marches in Bradford today, the demonstration will be static and not a march as planned.

EDL Twitter updates and live video can be found below.

However, if the antics of UAF are more your thing then get the fuck off this blog and go here.
1215 'The rumour that has been started about an EDL member being kidnapped are untrue' http://twitter.com/edlsg/status/22345387048
1255 'Hundreds of EDL and police gathered by the Kings Head pub Halifax Road' http://twitter.com/edlsg/status/22347386333
1305 'EDL are arriving at the demo point in the buses provided by the Police' http://www.facebook.com/English.Defence.League.EDL
1345 'We have also had confirmation that the rumour of a coach being torched is TOTALLY UNTRUE' http://www.facebook.com/English.Defence.League.EDL
1410 UAF are getting restless. George Galloway has found a way to pass the time. http://twitter.com/GroompyTom/status/22352295971
1420 'Smoke bomb thrown into the EDL demo area' http://twitter.com/edlsg/status/22351299869
'Webcam shows around 200 Jihadis and the odd scruffy anarchist were driven back down the streets after apparantly trying to attack the demo site.' http://casualsunited.wordpress.com/2010/08/28/bradford-edl-demo-update-2-14pm/
1545 'The police are refusing to bring the bus's to remove EDL supporters until the situation has been calmed' http://twitter.com/edlsg/status/22357610797
UAF supporter loses their kafiyeh http://twitter.com/GroompyTom/status/22357165623
1550 'Reports of fighting between UAF and EDL in JJB carpark' http://twitter.com/edlsg/status/22357933167
1615 All major news outlets reporting EDL as having launched the smoke-bomb. This video shows otherwise

1815 West Yorkshire Police statement of events.
Update 29/08/10
EDL statement of events.
Over a thousand of our lads and lasses ventured into a city, large parts of which are no go areas for non Muslims, and where the Jihadists call all the shots as the authorities there are terrified of them and meet all their demands for fear of a repeat of the 2001 riots.

Yes numbers were down compared to previous demos and I’ll tell you why. Many people totally expected to be brutally attacked by both police and Muslim youths at this demo, so a lot of our less robust people, and some who don't want to be in that situation in case they are arrested and stitched up by the police did not attend. A lot of our people have good jobs and did not want to risk this by being filmed during scenes of violence (which were expected but largely didn't happen). These people cant be blamed for not attending as it was fully expected to be a scene of mass mobs of Jihadis attacking and the police either standing back and letting in happen as they did in Dudley, or making mass arrests of EDL supporters for no good reason.
In the event this did not happen, but that was what we expected. Full respect goes to those who attended from all over the country and those who flew in from abroad. There were several attacks on our coaches by Muslim youths at service stations and on the motorways but apart from that, their promise to “murder” our people was just so much bullshit.
The threat of rioting is one of their best weapons, they hold governments to ransom with it all over Europe. In the 90s they rioted in Bradford because posters of models wearing bras offended them and they wanted prostitutes off the streets as their skimpy clothes offended them. At the time, all those arrested for throwing petrol bombs etc were released without charges in the interest of “community relations”. No doubt when they rioted in 2001 they expected the same treatment. To their shock and horror a lot of them got banged up, some for 5 years.
This is how they should have been treated the first time, and the 2001 riots would not have happened. Bradford police and the authorities MUST now see, that the threat of them ever rioting en masse again is next to zero, so now they don't have to bend over backwards for them, its as simple as that. They bussed people in from all over the country yesterday but still didn't have the balls to riot, as they feared the consequences. That's how it should be.
We don't want a violent minority holding our country to ransom with threats, and our demo yesterday showed that the threat of rioting from these people has been neutralised. In this respect it was a massive SUCCESS and in no ways a fail. There will be no “no go areas” in this land our forefathers fought for.
If the EDL can protest in Bradford, they can protest anywhere.
The Commies who said shit like “armed with chisels, hammers and bleach the EDL plan to descend on Bradford and cause the mother of all race riots”, I bet you feel stupid today don't you comrades?

Driving Under the Influence ?

"A cabbie has been stabbed for driving while Muslim" ???
"Driving while Muslim" ?
I shouldn't laugh, I know I really shouldn't. Oh fuck it... Too late !
D.U.I - Driving Under Islam ?

Friday, 27 August 2010

Labour's Legacy and Prezza

Two videos doing the rounds.


I can just picture it now, Labour busy picking up them pieces and gluing them back together. Knowing Labour they'd fuck even that up too, probably end up spelling some appropriate anagram like - Casually beg or...
As for Prescott, well what can I say ? Fat Fuckaaa !

A 'Hate Crime' In New York ?

New York Muslim taxi driver attacked because of his religion?
Well it would certainly appear that way.

Boozed up young man gets in taxi and begins asking the driver questions, "how long have you lived in the US, are you a Muslim" ? After the driver informs the passenger that, yes, he is a Muslim, the young drunk goes quiet for a moment, before going berserk and attacking him with a utility knife. Add to this scenario the current furore surrounding the 'Ground Zero Mosque' and, well yes, this certainly does seem like a clear cut case of 'hate crime'.

But now details are coming in that the would be assassin, Michael Enright, 21, works for a left-wing media company 'Intersections International', a company openly supporting the building of the controversial - ahem - 'house of prayer'. Things seem to have suddenly gone a little murky !

Is it too far fetched to consider that maybe, just maybe, the motive for this attack was not hatred of Muslims, but rather the motive was to gain sympathy towards N.Y Muslims and in turn have New Yorkers and Americans become more sympathetic towards the building of this mosque, perhaps to silence the ever growing number of voices calling for the plan to be scrapped ?

It wouldn't be the first time that leftarded Islamophiles and Islamists have tried that old chestnut now would it.

Muslims in Epping Forest falsely accusing the BNP of kidnapping them at knife point – only to be caught out as illegal immigrants and fleeing to the Maldives, Australian Imams damaging their own mosques – only to be caught out on CCTV – and more recently the slightly suspicious appearance of a pigs head at a North London mosque.

Our friends of the Unwashed And Feral type regularly use these tactics. In fact, expect to see a whole lot of this shit this coming weekend in Bradford where Weyman Bennett and co' will try every trick in the book to make the EDL out to be Darth Vader's Stormtroopers.

Update: 27/08/10 As it turns out, accused knifeman Michael Enright does indeed work for a left-wing media company that is supporting the construction of this 'Islamic centre', whilst the taxi driver and victim, Ahmed Sharif, is opposed to the construction in it's current location.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Freak Of The Week.

Just after midday Monday and, right on fucking cue, the freak makes itself known.

Oh my, I think we may have just found someone special.
Someone for the world to hate more than we hate Hitler.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Labor Voters of Australia.

So Australians went to the polls yesterday and the counting is almost done.
Nothing out of the ordinary there. We have an election, to decide the next dictatorship, once every few years.
What is out of the ordinary is the number of gullible fools who still believe, and still vote for, Labor. Are they masochists or are they just plain stupid ?

Please God, if you are real, please don't let Labor stay on as Captain of HMAS Titanic, still steaming towards the iceberg in the form of some minority government.



Friday, 20 August 2010

Get Your Face Out For The Boys !

West Australian judge denies Muslim bird's request to wear a niqab in West Australian court.

Why the fuck is this world news ?

I know 'how' obviously, the media love painting common sense as a force that may destroy the universe, but why ?*

Niqabs not allowed in Australian courts ?

So fucking what ? Balaclavas aren't allowed either, nor clown masks and gimp masks. Is anyone going apeshit and screaming 'discrimination' against bank robbers, clowns and gimps in Australian courts of law ?
Would any lawyer even dare represent a bank robber, clown or gimp wanting to wear his chosen attire when facing charges in a court of law ? Would any judge ever consider allowing a bank robber, clown or gimp wanting to wear his chosen attire whilst appearing as a witness?
Even Islamic courts sometimes disallow the niqab. Islamic, sharia courts also frown upon the wearing of clown masks and gimp masks. Funny that !


*The answers to these questions are easy. Everyone knows that the entire western media is in the pockets of big-business and the western-world government.
Big business/government which, as the owners of the media networks, use the media networks to further their aims of multiculturalism, global population shifts, global workforce movement. Which are of course all very good for business. Their business, not yours.
If you don't believe that, that's fine. If you refuse to consider that, you are unreasonable and should consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

Oh and yes, I do see the hypocrisy in holding the opinion that a foreign culture shouldn't be allowed to creep into a foreign system of law that replaced an indigenous system of law only 222 yrs ago. It's just I believe that both the current (Australian) and former (Aboriginal) systems of law and governance in Australia are far, far superior to sharia law.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

You're Nicked, Fatty !

Reading about this just about made my day.

Some thieving prick has gone and got him self stuck in a window for over 5 ½ hours this morning.
Attempting to climb through the 12" x 8" opening at around 0230 hrs, the grubby little cunt soon found he could go neither forwards nor backwards. In an operation involving all three emergency services, which if not for overseas deployment would have been joined by all three armed services, the grey tracksuit-bottomed, Reebok Classic wearing, light fingered ne'er-do-well was eventually freed from his self-inflicted stupidity at around 0830. By now a crowd had gathered and one kindly gentleman, a neighbour and a surgeon by profession, echoed David Cameron's calls for 'big society' and offered to remove the scumbag with no damage to the property. Police thanked him for the offer but politely refused saying 'Cameron is fucking delusional' and that “they would rather get him out in one piece”.
A spokeswoman from the Met has confirmed that a “36yr old man has been held on suspicion of burglary”.
'Suspicion', ha !!!

Sticking with the subject of vermin, the Evening Standard had a piece on London's latest terror threat running directly below the above story. In an article warning how ravenous seagulls will soon bring forth the apocalypse upon Londoners, the quote which most caught my little eye was: “They [Satan's Gulls] are very protective parents, but they'd much rather poo on people than peck them” - RSPB spokesman Tim Webb.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A Message For Anthony Blair.

Seriously though Tony, will you please stop it. Since you left office you have become, although I previously didn't think this possible, a bigger cunt than when you were in there.

Today's announcement that you will be donating the £4.6m advance in blood money for your memoirs, to rehabilitate British soldiers injured whilst fighting the illegal wars you helped start, instantly betrays the fact that nowhere in your memoirs will you admit to being solely responsible for having death and injury rain down upon those lads in the first place.
And that Sir, makes you a proper cunt.


I do wonder what the future holds for you sometimes Tony, I really do.

Support our troops.
Support them by bringing them home from wars fought in nations not worth a single drop of their blood.
Bring them home now.

Friday, 13 August 2010

An Advertisement Against Political Correctness

The latest UK police counter-terror advertisement asking for us the public, their employers, to help to combat terrorism has been banned, apparently.
Only rightly so too, but not for the usual reasons we've become accustomed to. Oh no, you see this radio piece for the terror-hotline, which to describe as a monumental fucking fail would be a monumental fucking understatement, described a 'potential terrorist' as someone like:

"The man at the end of the street [who] doesn't talk to his neighbours much, because he likes to keep himself to himself. He pays with cash because he doesn't have a bank card, and he keeps his curtains closed because his house is on a bus route".

What ? Oh , oh I see, it would seem that whoever come up with this particular piece of politically-correct police-propaganda is a fucking idiot.
They must be. They've just described an agoraphobic, a new home-owner, a loner, an old man, someone's Granddad, anyone with a bad credit rating, you, me, anyone except what we all think a terrorist to be really.
Fuck, they really have just described me, I keep my curtains closed and I live on a bus route ! Although I keep my curtains closed not because I'm a terrorist, but because I often wander 'round naked in my living room. Actually no, I keep my curtains closed because I don't want the local idle living, thieving bastards eyeing up my stuff.
Lets face it, the mind of whomever came up with this crap is completely riddled with PC nonsense. So much so that in trying not to offend a small group of people in the UK, they have offended a larger group and hence had their shitty ad banned.
This PC nonsense seems to destroy the rational thought process and ability to comprehend the fucking obvious of it's victims. Brilliant !
In their next attempt to have the public help out in spotting terrorists and not just snitching up their neighbours, I suggest that they first comprehend that, at present, the terror threat facing the UK is coming from people who look like this.

Only then they will come out with advertisements that closer reflect reality, rather than fantasy, like this one


Sunday, 8 August 2010

Is al-Qaeda Racist ?

Yesterday marked 12 years since the 1998 US Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya. Believed to have been carried out by members of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, under the direction of al-Qaeda, the near simultaneous attacks claimed the lives of approximately 235 people. 212 Kenyans, 11 Tanzanians and 12 Yanks, note the vast difference in numbers of Africans killed compared to Americans.

Nairobi, Kenya 1998.

Just last month two members of the Somalian Islamist group, Al-Shabaab, self detonated in Uganda. Targeting crowds watching the 2010 World Cup final, the two separate attacks killed approximately 74 people, again the vast majority of them Africans.

Kampala, Uganda 2010

In reacting to these more recent attacks a senior US administration official accused some groups ,including al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda, of being racist in using black Africans as “cannon fodder”. Barack Obama himself then accused them of racism when he commented that these groups see Africa as “a potential place where you can carry out ideological battles that kill innocents, without regard to long-term consequences, for their short-term tactical gains” and also pointed out that these groups “do not regard African life as valuable in and of itself”.

I disagree. I do not believe these groups to be racist.

I disagree because it's fucking obvious that the reason the loss of African lives was much greater than the loss of non-African lives, in all the aforementioned attacks, has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with the fact the attacks happened in Africa. Not only that but some of the bombers that carried out the attacks were Africans themselves.

I disagree because I believe, and may I just point out the blindingly obvious here and inform Obama and his administration, that these groups, and hundreds more like 'em, see not just Africa as a place “where you can carry out ideological battles that kill innocents, without regard to long-term consequences”, they see the whole fucking world that way ! Neither do they regard just African life as not “valuable in and of itself”, they see no life as valuable you twats ! They see life as completely expendable and only consider Islam as 'valuable in and of itself'. If no one in the US administration has figured that one out yet then they're all in the wrong fucking jobs !
Either way, we're supposed to be winning a war against these fuckers, wiping them off the face of the fucking earth, I do fucking hope accusing them of 'racism' isn't part of our battle plan. Somehow I don't think that will really have much effect.

In fact the only effect that tagging people who are willing to fly commercial jet-liners full of people of all races, into buildings full of people of all races, in order to further an ideology believed by people of all races as 'racists' will have, is to confuse fucking everyone as to exactly what racism is.

Oh, one more thing, carrying out ' ideological battles, without regard to long-term consequences' sure sounds a lot like the US foreign policy as of late, does it not ? It near fucking perfectly sums up the entire Cold War !


On a little more serious note I don't think the US administration believes any of these attacks to be race related. They're just pointing to race as a reason, in order to shift blame from both US foreign policy itself and the Islamist groups themselves.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Ban The Burqa ?

Details still a bit sketchy, but the accused man at the centre a fraud case in Perth, Western Australia, that has now enabled Australia to wade into the Burqa debate, has been knifed.
Anwar Sayed was stabbed this morning.

This fucks me off.

This fucks me off because Perth is dear to me and it fucks me off to see, what will surely turn out to be, religious violence in a city I hold dear.
Don't get me started on Islam putting down roots there, don't get me started if it turns out some fucking, non-Muslim, idiot knifed this fella cause he was a Muslim. Don't get me started if it turns out some fucking, Muslim, idiot knifed him cause he thought he was dishonouring his chosen cunting 'religion'. Or something like that.
I'm not for banning the burqa, banning retard ideologies would be more my thing and, either way ,banning the burqa would undoubtedly confine countless Muslim women in the western world to their homes.

Banning cunts who make their missuses wear a potato sack for a hat would also be my thing, then again if some bird chooses to wear that who is Groompy to judge ?

Groompy has just confused himself, another beer is needed.


Rating on the Groompymeter ? - 6/10 Fuck Off !

Ratzinger On Christianity

Found this while surfing and found it intersting.

“We do not want to create an empire of power, but we have something that can be communicated and towards which an expectation of our reason tends. It is communicable because it belongs to our shared human nature and there is a duty to communicate on the part of those who have found a treasure of truth and love. Rationality was therefore a postulate and condition of Christianity, which remains a European legacy for comparing ourselves peacefully and positively, with Islam and also the great Asian religions.
This rationality becomes dangerous and destructive for the human creature if it becomes positivist which reduces the great values of our being to subjectivity and thus becomes an amputation of the human creature. We do not wish to impose on anyone a faith that can only be freely accepted, but as a vivifying force of the rationality of Europe, it belongs to our identity.”
- Pope Benedict XVI

World's Biggest Nest of Vipers.

Hot on the heels of the discovery of the UK's biggest wasp's nest, pest controllers have now set their sights on the UK's biggest viper's nest.

Last week in Southampton pest controllers were alerted to what turned out to be the UK's biggest wasp's nest. Now when I say biggest, I mean the biggest, I mean fucking huge, I mean the fucking hugest, god-damned biggest nest of wasps the UK ever did see. This fucking thing measured in at around 6' x 5' and, if not for the brave actions of Southampton's finest, it would have probably grown so cunting huge that it would have owned up to being single-handedly responsible for global warming and then gone on to destroy us all.

Southampton's nest of wasps.
Told you it was a big fucker !

Now news just in tells Groompy that pest controllers world-wide, inspired by this victory over the stinging vermin, have been drafted in by London's Westminster council in an attempt to eradicate what is believed to be the world's biggest nest of vipers.
To appreciate the mammoth task at hand one must consider that since 1605 when a gentleman by the name of Guy Fawkes had a go at destroying the biting vermin, only to be caught and killed by vermin, successive attempts have been made but all have failed. The latest attempt was on the 6th of May this year when near on 62,000,0000 British citizens tried, but once again failed, to dislodge this vipers nest, only for the nest to grow not only in size but also menace.
The fate of Britain and the world rests on the shoulders of these brave few and I for one salute them.

London's nest of vipers.
Will you look at the cunting size of it !!!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Here We Go Again, Back To The Dark Ages.

In my very first post I observed that “insanity seems to be contagious these days”, this was in regards to a shopping centre in Greater Manchester deciding to install 'squat toilets', aka Nile pans, Turkish toilets, Bali bogs, fucking, stinking, great holes in the ground, after the management enrolled themselves on some cultural awareness course.
Well I should be a fucking doctor because my observation was spot on.

Now we have Royal Mail jumping on the crazy train and replacing two perfectly working 1596 model British toilets, with two medieval squats in one of the their largest processing plants.
Apparently the world's first pedestal toilet, with flush, was invented by Englishman and writer, whose first name will be forever associated with all things toilet, John Harington, way back in 1596. Then improved upon by another Englishman, whose last name will be forever associated with all things toilet and crap, Thomas Crapper.
John Harington also observed that "treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Smart chap our John.

If it's not insanity to undo the life's work of these two national heroes and replace it with medieval technology, then I really don't know what is.

Bill, Billy, Ted and Σωκράτης prepare to leave medieval England.
Bill notes in his diary,
"Medieval English babes, good. Medieval English shitters, bad".

Mmmm, Halal Soup. Yummy

I see the Campbell soup company have joined that long list of companies willing to support animal cruelty in order to cater for a select group of consumers. Campbell's say they are "very excited to offer these products" and hope their consumers "enjoy them with peace of mind".

I wonder, would that be the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're not going to spend eternity in the hell-fire after eating this shit, or the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the steady march of Islam continues unabated in the west ?

Campbell's soup, Domino's Pizza, Colonel Sanders' Kentucky Fried Chicken, fuck 'em, boycott them all.
By all means contact them and complain but they won't listen. The only language they understand is profits. Speak their language and just boycott the fuckers.
And where is the RSPCA in all this ? The silence is deafening.

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