Friday, 6 August 2010

World's Biggest Nest of Vipers.

Hot on the heels of the discovery of the UK's biggest wasp's nest, pest controllers have now set their sights on the UK's biggest viper's nest.

Last week in Southampton pest controllers were alerted to what turned out to be the UK's biggest wasp's nest. Now when I say biggest, I mean the biggest, I mean fucking huge, I mean the fucking hugest, god-damned biggest nest of wasps the UK ever did see. This fucking thing measured in at around 6' x 5' and, if not for the brave actions of Southampton's finest, it would have probably grown so cunting huge that it would have owned up to being single-handedly responsible for global warming and then gone on to destroy us all.

Southampton's nest of wasps.
Told you it was a big fucker !

Now news just in tells Groompy that pest controllers world-wide, inspired by this victory over the stinging vermin, have been drafted in by London's Westminster council in an attempt to eradicate what is believed to be the world's biggest nest of vipers.
To appreciate the mammoth task at hand one must consider that since 1605 when a gentleman by the name of Guy Fawkes had a go at destroying the biting vermin, only to be caught and killed by vermin, successive attempts have been made but all have failed. The latest attempt was on the 6th of May this year when near on 62,000,0000 British citizens tried, but once again failed, to dislodge this vipers nest, only for the nest to grow not only in size but also menace.
The fate of Britain and the world rests on the shoulders of these brave few and I for one salute them.

London's nest of vipers.
Will you look at the cunting size of it !!!

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