Friday, 20 August 2010

Get Your Face Out For The Boys !

West Australian judge denies Muslim bird's request to wear a niqab in West Australian court.

Why the fuck is this world news ?

I know 'how' obviously, the media love painting common sense as a force that may destroy the universe, but why ?*

Niqabs not allowed in Australian courts ?

So fucking what ? Balaclavas aren't allowed either, nor clown masks and gimp masks. Is anyone going apeshit and screaming 'discrimination' against bank robbers, clowns and gimps in Australian courts of law ?
Would any lawyer even dare represent a bank robber, clown or gimp wanting to wear his chosen attire when facing charges in a court of law ? Would any judge ever consider allowing a bank robber, clown or gimp wanting to wear his chosen attire whilst appearing as a witness?
Even Islamic courts sometimes disallow the niqab. Islamic, sharia courts also frown upon the wearing of clown masks and gimp masks. Funny that !

*The answers to these questions are easy. Everyone knows that the entire western media is in the pockets of big-business and the western-world government.
Big business/government which, as the owners of the media networks, use the media networks to further their aims of multiculturalism, global population shifts, global workforce movement. Which are of course all very good for business. Their business, not yours.
If you don't believe that, that's fine. If you refuse to consider that, you are unreasonable and should consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

Oh and yes, I do see the hypocrisy in holding the opinion that a foreign culture shouldn't be allowed to creep into a foreign system of law that replaced an indigenous system of law only 222 yrs ago. It's just I believe that both the current (Australian) and former (Aboriginal) systems of law and governance in Australia are far, far superior to sharia law.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, mass immigration is exploitation. The useful idiots can't see it.

Stupid morons.

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