Friday, 6 August 2010

Ban The Burqa ?

Details still a bit sketchy, but the accused man at the centre a fraud case in Perth, Western Australia, that has now enabled Australia to wade into the Burqa debate, has been knifed.
Anwar Sayed was stabbed this morning.

This fucks me off.

This fucks me off because Perth is dear to me and it fucks me off to see, what will surely turn out to be, religious violence in a city I hold dear.
Don't get me started on Islam putting down roots there, don't get me started if it turns out some fucking, non-Muslim, idiot knifed this fella cause he was a Muslim. Don't get me started if it turns out some fucking, Muslim, idiot knifed him cause he thought he was dishonouring his chosen cunting 'religion'. Or something like that.
I'm not for banning the burqa, banning retard ideologies would be more my thing and, either way ,banning the burqa would undoubtedly confine countless Muslim women in the western world to their homes.

Banning cunts who make their missuses wear a potato sack for a hat would also be my thing, then again if some bird chooses to wear that who is Groompy to judge ?

Groompy has just confused himself, another beer is needed.

Rating on the Groompymeter ? - 6/10 Fuck Off !

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