Friday, 27 August 2010

A 'Hate Crime' In New York ?

New York Muslim taxi driver attacked because of his religion?
Well it would certainly appear that way.

Boozed up young man gets in taxi and begins asking the driver questions, "how long have you lived in the US, are you a Muslim" ? After the driver informs the passenger that, yes, he is a Muslim, the young drunk goes quiet for a moment, before going berserk and attacking him with a utility knife. Add to this scenario the current furore surrounding the 'Ground Zero Mosque' and, well yes, this certainly does seem like a clear cut case of 'hate crime'.

But now details are coming in that the would be assassin, Michael Enright, 21, works for a left-wing media company 'Intersections International', a company openly supporting the building of the controversial - ahem - 'house of prayer'. Things seem to have suddenly gone a little murky !

Is it too far fetched to consider that maybe, just maybe, the motive for this attack was not hatred of Muslims, but rather the motive was to gain sympathy towards N.Y Muslims and in turn have New Yorkers and Americans become more sympathetic towards the building of this mosque, perhaps to silence the ever growing number of voices calling for the plan to be scrapped ?

It wouldn't be the first time that leftarded Islamophiles and Islamists have tried that old chestnut now would it.

Muslims in Epping Forest falsely accusing the BNP of kidnapping them at knife point – only to be caught out as illegal immigrants and fleeing to the Maldives, Australian Imams damaging their own mosques – only to be caught out on CCTV – and more recently the slightly suspicious appearance of a pigs head at a North London mosque.

Our friends of the Unwashed And Feral type regularly use these tactics. In fact, expect to see a whole lot of this shit this coming weekend in Bradford where Weyman Bennett and co' will try every trick in the book to make the EDL out to be Darth Vader's Stormtroopers.

Update: 27/08/10 As it turns out, accused knifeman Michael Enright does indeed work for a left-wing media company that is supporting the construction of this 'Islamic centre', whilst the taxi driver and victim, Ahmed Sharif, is opposed to the construction in it's current location.

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