Monday, 30 August 2010

Australian Teachers Paid Millions In Compo..

...For 'staring at the sun too long while on a brisk walk' !

What the ? Fuck me, why must the taxpayer continuously entertain these fucking morons ?

The Queensland government is being sued, at a rate of three times a day, because some teachers believe it is their birth-right to be compensated for everything from 'being blown over in strong winds' to 'having a dizzy spell whilst carrying a lunch box'.
Others have claimed compensation after slipping on pens or banana peals. One received $108,000 for an injury sustained pushing a gym mat up after it fell down, another claimed after injuring themselves while doing the hokey-fucking-pokey !
Did you spot the key words there ? “Injuring them-cunting-selves” !!!
These mongs sound like walking disaster zones! I'm not sure they should be allowed anywhere near a school, let alone inside and teaching kids. I mean seriously, who the hell stares at the sun nowadays, who the hell does that while walking ? Even worse, who does that and then expects to be compensated for it ?

Teachers of Australia do, that's who. Aren't Aussie kids just so lucky to have 'em !
I used to go to school with a kid that constantly walked around staring up at the sun, we nicknamed him 'the weatherman'. I have often wondered what advice teachers give to half-wits like him on careers day, now I know...
'Young man, you have a bright and wealthy future ahead of you. You're going to be a teacher”.

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