Saturday, 28 August 2010

EDL Bradford Demo

With the Home Secretary - Theresa May a thousand fleas from a camel's arse infest your home - issuing a blanket ban on all marches in Bradford today, the demonstration will be static and not a march as planned.

EDL Twitter updates and live video can be found below.

However, if the antics of UAF are more your thing then get the fuck off this blog and go here.
1215 'The rumour that has been started about an EDL member being kidnapped are untrue'
1255 'Hundreds of EDL and police gathered by the Kings Head pub Halifax Road'
1305 'EDL are arriving at the demo point in the buses provided by the Police'
1345 'We have also had confirmation that the rumour of a coach being torched is TOTALLY UNTRUE'
1410 UAF are getting restless. George Galloway has found a way to pass the time.
1420 'Smoke bomb thrown into the EDL demo area'
'Webcam shows around 200 Jihadis and the odd scruffy anarchist were driven back down the streets after apparantly trying to attack the demo site.'
1545 'The police are refusing to bring the bus's to remove EDL supporters until the situation has been calmed'
UAF supporter loses their kafiyeh
1550 'Reports of fighting between UAF and EDL in JJB carpark'
1615 All major news outlets reporting EDL as having launched the smoke-bomb. This video shows otherwise

1815 West Yorkshire Police statement of events.
Update 29/08/10
EDL statement of events.
Over a thousand of our lads and lasses ventured into a city, large parts of which are no go areas for non Muslims, and where the Jihadists call all the shots as the authorities there are terrified of them and meet all their demands for fear of a repeat of the 2001 riots.

Yes numbers were down compared to previous demos and I’ll tell you why. Many people totally expected to be brutally attacked by both police and Muslim youths at this demo, so a lot of our less robust people, and some who don't want to be in that situation in case they are arrested and stitched up by the police did not attend. A lot of our people have good jobs and did not want to risk this by being filmed during scenes of violence (which were expected but largely didn't happen). These people cant be blamed for not attending as it was fully expected to be a scene of mass mobs of Jihadis attacking and the police either standing back and letting in happen as they did in Dudley, or making mass arrests of EDL supporters for no good reason.
In the event this did not happen, but that was what we expected. Full respect goes to those who attended from all over the country and those who flew in from abroad. There were several attacks on our coaches by Muslim youths at service stations and on the motorways but apart from that, their promise to “murder” our people was just so much bullshit.
The threat of rioting is one of their best weapons, they hold governments to ransom with it all over Europe. In the 90s they rioted in Bradford because posters of models wearing bras offended them and they wanted prostitutes off the streets as their skimpy clothes offended them. At the time, all those arrested for throwing petrol bombs etc were released without charges in the interest of “community relations”. No doubt when they rioted in 2001 they expected the same treatment. To their shock and horror a lot of them got banged up, some for 5 years.
This is how they should have been treated the first time, and the 2001 riots would not have happened. Bradford police and the authorities MUST now see, that the threat of them ever rioting en masse again is next to zero, so now they don't have to bend over backwards for them, its as simple as that. They bussed people in from all over the country yesterday but still didn't have the balls to riot, as they feared the consequences. That's how it should be.
We don't want a violent minority holding our country to ransom with threats, and our demo yesterday showed that the threat of rioting from these people has been neutralised. In this respect it was a massive SUCCESS and in no ways a fail. There will be no “no go areas” in this land our forefathers fought for.
If the EDL can protest in Bradford, they can protest anywhere.
The Commies who said shit like “armed with chisels, hammers and bleach the EDL plan to descend on Bradford and cause the mother of all race riots”, I bet you feel stupid today don't you comrades?

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