Friday, 6 August 2010

Ratzinger On Christianity

Found this while surfing and found it intersting.

“We do not want to create an empire of power, but we have something that can be communicated and towards which an expectation of our reason tends. It is communicable because it belongs to our shared human nature and there is a duty to communicate on the part of those who have found a treasure of truth and love. Rationality was therefore a postulate and condition of Christianity, which remains a European legacy for comparing ourselves peacefully and positively, with Islam and also the great Asian religions.
This rationality becomes dangerous and destructive for the human creature if it becomes positivist which reduces the great values of our being to subjectivity and thus becomes an amputation of the human creature. We do not wish to impose on anyone a faith that can only be freely accepted, but as a vivifying force of the rationality of Europe, it belongs to our identity.”
- Pope Benedict XVI

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