Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Green Climate Monster

From Australian Climate Madness.

"After many minutes of painstaking research, Australian Climate Madness has decreed that all unusual or severe weather events of whatever nature, anywhere in the world, are solely the mischievous work of the Green Climate Monster... The GCM is responsible for the shrinking Arctic ice sheet, the growing Antarctic ice sheet, advancing glaciers, retreating glaciers, heatwaves, cold spells, mountains of snow, absence of snow, droughts, floods, hurricanes, absence of hurricanes, very windy days, calm days, sunny days, cloudy days, foggy days, El Niño and his twin sister, the seasons, thunderstorms, absence of thunderstorms, excess rainfall, less rainfall, extinction of frogs, discovery of new frogs, fewer polar bears, more polar bears..."

"But simply replace my imaginary friend with 'climate change' and that's the situation we find ourselves in today. Climate change causes everything. Nothing can disprove climate change."

For a full and quite mind-boggling list of everything the GCM is responsible for, check out Warmlist.


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