Thursday, 25 November 2010

Lack Of Blogging

Anyone who gives a fuck cares may have noticed that Groompy Tom has been more than a little lazy with his blogging as of late. This being due to the fact of having to do that thing that we all fucking hate and move house.

Not just any old move though, oh no, not the type of move where you call in a favour from your mate with a van and ask them if they'd mind having you pile all your worldly possessions into it and having them drive you to the next suburb or state. No this was a move of biblical proportions, my worldly possessions shall be arriving by sea and only God knows when exactly and the total distance covered was some 14000km as the crow flies.
But crows don't take passengers so I went by Singapore Airlines. This added a bit more to it, although I won't complain 'cause crows don't have pretty girls serving an endless supply of in-flight drinks, nor do they have TVs built into headrests on which you can watch all the latest movies and play games and shit like that.
In fact all crows have is fleas and lice and they tend to have their heads buried in dead things all day.  Singapore Airlines 1 - 0 Crows.

But time and tide wait for no man and this world of sheer madness continued to turn in my absence.

Students tearing up London, smashing up shit at a cost to the hard up taxpayer, screaming for money that simply isn't there. Go ask Labour where it all went you thick little cunts, or are you scared to bite the only hand that will feed you ?
Islamists tearing up the west, using their democratic right to protest to demand an end to the democratic right to protest and the introduction of their beloved Sharia. Yep, their fucking priceless alright ! Don't you just feel so 'enriched' by their presence ?
The Grumpy Old Twat has a good vid' up, just in case you've missed the contribution these kind gentlemen bring to our cities.
And Dark Lochnagar also has a real eye opener of a post up, a story about how some Taliban, busy as they are banning the flying of kites and leering at dancing boys, find the time to drive minicabs in the UK. How very community spirited of them.
In fact there are plenty of good reads to be found in the blog roll just down there and to the right a bit on your screen somewhere. Why not go and take a look ? They're constantly updated by other bloggers who are still hard at it while I sort my shit out  sober up  get my act together  unpack my things and settle in.
But please, do be warned, some of them may raise your blood pressure to levels you thought weren't possible and you may need a few stiff drinks when your done.

Last but certainly not least, I notice that Sir Olly Cromwell has had a stroke of pure genius in deciding to run for London Mayor in 2012.
His campaign looks to be one of civil disobedience and it's slogan ? 'Starving The London Beast' !
Well done that man. Why not pop over to the campaign site and have a little gander for yourselves ?

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