Tuesday, 7 September 2010

And Still The Bodies Pile Up

Oh looky, my Religion Of Peace widget is about to roll over from counting 15999 deadly terror attacks - carried out in the name of Islam - since 9-11, to 16000.

You know, I sometimes get get a strange sense of happiness and achievement at watching my motor's odometer roll over a whole heap of digits in one go... This isn't really the same though is it ? Definitely no sense of happiness.
Still it points to the same basic thing though, something is definitely in need of a 'tune up'.


Anonymous said...


Since 9/11? Well considering that that attack was a false flag, perpetrated upon the American people by Mossad and the security agencies of the USA it immediately makes the figure 15,998. Then take away 7/7/05 and it makes 15,997! I wonder how many more attacks are Mossad related? Interesting don't you think? What's even more interesting is let's count the dead in Iraq and Afghanistan as a direct result to the illegal invasions of the USA and UK? How many dead now, over a million perhaps?
Now of course as any reader of the Zionist run website Religion of Peace, or the other well known one Jihad Watch, will immediately attack that statement saying "most of the deaths were carried out by Muslims on Muslim." I won't disagree but what I will say is how many of those deaths would not have happened had Saddam still been in control? Iraq has been ripped asunder and turned into a sectarian hell. More importantly how many of the Islamic terrorists are funded organisations by the USA and Israel to continue to violence?

The thing is Groompy Tom, I used to be in your boat. I believe the continuing propaganda fed to me from the Zionist channels and then I started to think critically and educate myself.

Islam is being set up. The west again is being set up for yet more of its people dying fighting for Zionist protection and cause. The west's major establishments (Media, education, judiciary, government) are under the direct control of Zionists, who are brainwashing the west into actively carrying out their wishes, while destroying their culture and civilization.

I am no Muslim. I disagree in Islamisation, but I see the bigger picture.

Groompy Tom said...

Would considering or not considering 9-11 a 'false flag' operation make that figure 15,998 ? I always assume 'since', when applied to an event such as this, to mean 'post'.
Now Religion of Peace and Jihad Watch may well be run by Zionists but you have never been in my boat. My view on the issues you comment on does not come from "propaganda fed to me from the Zionist channels" but rather from spunking my entire life savings travelling to the far-flung shitholes our world has on offer and assembling my views on our world accordingly. That counter is accurate in that it counts the number of attacks carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam and no amount of Mossad involvement, Saddam swinging by his neck or stirring the swirling, fucking shit-hole that Iraq has become will change that.
Islam is being set up ? Oh my heart fucking bleeds ! Am I to care that the teachings of a 7th century murderer, rapist and paedo are getting a rough deal ? Am I fuck !

Right you are that the 'powers that be' are attempting to pit Islam against me but seeing that I despise religion and global governance in equal measure they are wasting their time.

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