Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Britain's Most Dysfunctional Family ?

I'm not really sure how to digest this, but I've just been reading that the Jewish mother of the boys Miliband is a supporter of a Jewish anti-blockade group that is attempting to send ships through the Israeli naval blockade and into Gaza.

Like I said, 'don't really know what to make of that'.  But here goes,

Is it just me or are the Milibands quite possibly Britain's most dysfunctional family ?

I mean think about it. The stupid younger brother, Ed, has just hired some union heavies to shatter his big brother Dave's career and dreams, stolen his job, stolen all his friends and pretty much publicly humiliated him.
Dave's missus, who everyone suspects wears the pants in that relationship, is fucking furious and wants to tear Ed's bloody head off for it.
Then, in the midst of all this chaos, on the very day that Ed gives his 'am I my brother's keeper speech', the mother of the boys is busy sending small yachts to smash a bloody naval blockade in one of the most hair-trigger regions on Earth!

Brilliant ! I fucking love that shit !

And now let us just imagine. Imagine, just for a moment, that Labour aren't to be banished into the political wilderness for a decade or more. Let's just imagine that the UK electorate suffer mass amnesia when they're next at the ballot box. Let us just imagine, if you can bring yourself to do it, that Labour return to power at the next election, led by a man who disturbingly resembles a slow child doing surprisingly well in a spelling bee.
It's scary I know, don't worry I'm scared too.
Now, are you there ? Eight years from now when, at a United Nations summit, the representative of Israel asks the representative of the UK, to kindly see that the mother of their Prime Minister please desist in sending boats to smash the siege of Gaza ?
What the fuck ! I thought they said "no more soap operas".

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