Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Freak Of The Week IV

Before I announce this weeks winner may I just take a moment to congratulate the inaugural winner of Groompy's Freak of The Week, Mary Bale. Now some of you may only remember Mary by her stage name, Cat-Bin Lady, but like all former winners of The X Factor  Freak of The Week our Mary has gone on to bigger and better things and has today announced she is to be charged with not one, but two counts of animal cruelty. Well done Mary, well done.
Now run along and microwave a guinea pig or some other such small and defenceless creature you adorable old weirdo.

Anyway moving on and this week it's been a close call as always, freaks are auditioning in their thousands but there can only be one and this week I bring you Lib-Dumb Man.

Really, what type of freak falls asleep during his own party's conference ?
Especially in a manner that provides the assembled press photographers with the type of picture that suggests he may possibly be dead. Dead after listening to the most mind-numbing spirit-crushing bullshit, in the entire history of bullshit, that has ever been projected upon a gathered crowd.
Poor bugger !

Is it just me or does there not only seem to be an awful lot of empty seats there, but also a very, oh how should I put it, 'aged' crowd. Maybe all Lib-Dem supporters are on their way out and this freak is just the begging of a mass extinction that will see off the party once and for all. Who knows ? We can only live in hope.

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