Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Feeling It

Well having spent the weekend and yesterday in Germany and having drunk a stupid, stupid amount of beer, vodka, raki, Bacardi, tequila, Jagermeister and a few other demon-drinks that I care not to recall whilst over there, I still don't feel quite up to bashing out a post which would require any effort. So I'll just regurgitate some of the weekend's news items that were waiting for me once I came round from my self-inflicted stupor shall I.

First up, good news. It seems the world did not end. The gates of Hades did not open up and spew forth all manner of pestilence and destruction upon the west. Millions upon millions of bearded maniacs did not finally lose their flimsy grip on reality, rise up, vent supreme and in one almighty push of mouth-foaming chest-slapping shoe-throwing rage, rid the world of us infidels once and for all.
This can mean only one thing...  Some crazy old guy from Florida didn't set fire to a pile of books then ?

Second, a British kid  conspiracy theorist  legend has gone and got himself banned for life from the states after refusing to produce his birth certificate when asked  getting drunk and sending the White House an email in which he called their Messiah, amongst other things a 'prick'.
Well that's what the papers are saying anyway, but I hear he actually wrote a scathing critique of Obama's latest book. Quite where Obama found the time to write this I'll never fucking know ! I guess somewhere amongst walking on water, screwing the US economy and praying 5 times a day ?

The European Commission's vice-president Viviane Reding has labeled France's crackdown on Gypsies as "disgraceful" and says she is "personally appalled" by the actions of the Frogs.
'Disgraceful', 'personally appalled'. Strong words those. I wonder what words Ms Reding would use to describe a non-democratic super state trampling rough-shod over the rights of millions of people.
Actually I don't wonder, I know exactly what that bitch would call it... a wet dream.

Last but not least, the US middle-east envoy is still daring to dream for a "two states for two peoples" solution. You know Israelis and Palestinians and fluffy white doves all living side-by-side in harmony.
Yes, George Mitchell - no not George Michael, you will find no details of his latest shenanigans around here - is on the telly right now as I type,  he's making all the usual noises about a 'solution' but I'm not really listening 'cause I've heard it fucking all before. .
News flash for my friend Mr Mitchell... Solution, ha ! Never gonna happen buddy, never.
Those 'two peoples' you mention, well they both believe that they are, in effect, the 'chosen people' and unless you have some grand plan to make them all stop believing that, well from now to eternity or from now until one destroys the other, all solutions will turn out to be nothing of the sort.
Sure, plenty of people will get rich acting as peacemakers but nothing will ever change. Sorry.

That's it for now. Dinner, then a good long think about cutting down on drinking, then bed.

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