Saturday, 25 September 2010

Why The Double Standards ?

Burn a Christian symbol on the streets of London and you will not be charged with 'inciting racial hatred'.
Ban the cross of St George flag from an English premier league stadium, on the grounds that England's national flag is a racist symbol, and no one will accuse you of 'inciting racial hatred'.
Go out and burn the bible and I bet you will not be arrested on 'suspicion of inciting racial hatred'.
Why would you be, it's not as if Christians are a race now are they ?
But, burn the Quran and - even though only the most stupid would try and argue that Muslims are a race - you will be arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred.

Whatever the reason or reasons for this I don't know. There are probably many reasons, ranging from the seemingly harmless yet infinitely dangerous 'political correctness' that infests the whole of the British Isles, right up to good old fashion fear, the fear held by many here that Islam is the one thing that one just doesn't fuck with if one knows what is good for oneself.
Whatever the reason I do know this - there are some here in England that do not fear Islam and they never will. These people can't help but see that the continued and growing presence of Islam in these isles is eroding their long held freedoms. They see that there are now double standards in operation, double standards being applied only to them and they do not like it. They are young, disillusioned, many of them out of work, hardly any of them interested in politics, even less of them interested in being told how to speak, how to think or how to behave and their numbers are growing.
I also know this - Having plod arrest them for so called 'hate crimes', when the apparent targets of their hate are being treated with kid gloves for doing the same, is really starting to fuck them off and this is going to lead to trouble, serious fucking trouble, sooner rather than later.
It's going to lead to trouble for Muslims and non-Muslims alike and it's especially going to lead to trouble for the Police and Government.
These double standards need sorting out.

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