Friday, 1 October 2010

The End Of The Council Pravda ?

I seriously doubt it.

But still, good news over the London borough of Hammersmith & Fulham way, with the announcement that H&F News shall "disappear in its current format and will be replaced by a new as yet unnamed local newspaper with guaranteed editorial independence".
Good news and just one day after our - no not 'the', 'our' fucking - Government announced a crackdown on free council papers which compete with independent local press too. Eric Pickles our secretary of communities said just yesterday that he was gonna put a stop to our money being spent on "frivolous town hall propaganda papers".
Even more good news in that neighbouring Hounslow Council has not produced a magazine since March and that the future another of H&F's neighbours, Ealing's mouthpiece, "is uncertain".

All good news huh ?

Well actually no, no it bloody ain't, because if you take the time to read the sources of my musings, you'll see that the fuckers that run these council rags at present aren't giving up without a fight and I just know, just fucking know that we'll be stuck with the masses being fed shite paid for by themselves for a long time yet.

Look at that cover of Ealing's rag will you. 
Do we need their propaganda to tell us our money is being spent on 'improvemnet works' or works in progress ? We fucking know that ! We fucking know that cause we see 'em ripping up the same stretches of tarmac over and over and over a-fucking-gain, in a display of either the obvious protection of their budgets or their sheer bloody incompetence.

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