Monday, 25 October 2010

OK, Who's The Sicko Out There ?

Come on, fess up. Who the hell was it ?

Who was the sick motherfucker who came to this blog after doing a search for "houres fuck humon" ?

You were looking for 'horses' and 'humans' weren't you ?

Well you'll find none of that sort of thing here, you sick and twisted individual.

Hang on a fucking minute... Why were you even directed here ?



The Grim Reaper said...

That's pretty bad.

Someone got sent to mine this morning after searching for "sally bercow milf". The worrying this is I don't think I've ever even written anything about Sally Bercow on my blog!

Groompy Tom said...

"sally bercow milf" !!! Oh no, oh dear god no, I've just had an image of Sally Bercow and a horse !

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