Thursday, 21 October 2010

Manchester Evening News: Mouthpiece Of The Mungbeans

The Manchester Evening News - rag of choice for the discerning, mungbean Marxist and northern Jihadist - is reporting that "shocking footage" has emerged of an - ahem - antifascist protester copping one in the jaw from a member of the Police' Tactical Aid Unit. 63 yr old Alan Clough was originally facing charges relating to a public order offence, after hooking up with other members of Unite Against Fascism and showing of his 'antifascist' credentials by attacking police in response to an English Defence League rally in Bolton earlier this year, but these charges have now been dropped.
Now it goes without saying that the video shows the blow to be unwarranted, but I wonder if the MEN would be so excited about presenting this news if Mr Clough had been a member of the EDL instead of Unwashed And Feral ?
No, I'm just being silly now. I don't wonder at all, I fucking know they wouldn't be reporting it and if they were they'd be up in arms about the charges being dropped. Such is the quality of unbiased reporting the MEN is so famous for.

 See the full report in every Mancunian Communist's favourite rag here.

Now then, Mr Clough, you see that fella standing over your left shoulder in the video ? Yes, that's the one, the Anjem Choudary lookalike. What's the bet he's one of them 'peaceful Muslims' living here in the UK that also happen to be donating to those kiddie-fiddling women-fearing no-kite-flying fuckers of the Taliban every time he goes to Mosque, as reported here ? Strange company you keep Mr Clough, strange company indeed.


Sue said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the press actually showed the TRUTH one day?

Groompy Tom said...

It would, Sue. But I wouldn't hold my breath.
Instead, you can always use the Press Complaints Commission or the Advertising Standards Authority, as avenues to protest, when you catch them out telling whoppers.

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