Saturday, 9 October 2010

Complete And Utter Backwards Fuckwittery

So the English Defence League are in Leicester, exercising their right to protest against Islam today.

You're the home secretary, Theresa May-a-thousand-fleas-from-a-camels-arse-infest-your-home, the local politically-correct ACPO asswipe, a frothing-at-the-mouth red or some clueless Islamophile.

What to do ? What to do ?

Oh I know. Tell the good people of Leicester not to exercise their right to counter protest.
Instead, ask Hopeless Hate or Unwashed And Feral or some other such motley crew of braindead reds to organise them some commie, green-themed, multi-culti, love and peace and mungbeans festival by the name of  'We are one Leicester' the following day.
Then show them all how totally fucking lobotomized you really are by fitting new, green coloured bulbs to all the streetlights and then turning them all on in an effort to save the world.

'Ooooh look ! Green streetlights, they'll be sure to stop the rampant rise of Islamofascism in the UK'

What a bunch of silly cunts.

UPDATE                      Looks like the coloured light bulb idea failed.

War is coming. Sad but true.

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