Friday, 15 October 2010

Ask The Right Questions...

Spotted in the comments section on the Sky News site, where Sky were reporting on the 5 key questions to be answered at the inquest into the July 7th 2005 Jihad attacks in London.

1. Were emergency services quick enough to respond?
2. What was found at the blast sites?
3. Did the bombers operate alone?
4. What did authorities know about the bombers before the attacks?
5. Could the attacks have been prevented?

And, courtesy of one Sky News reader who knows the right questions to the correct answers...

Well done that man.


Captain Ranty said...

Just lately Tom, I have been thinking that that is the ONLY question we need to answer.

Forget the other five.


Groompy Tom said...

CR, thinking like that is going to get you ín trouble one day. You do realise that don't you ? Taking the logical, common sense approach to problems is frowned upon in this day and age and they'll ship you off to room 101 for doing so... I'll see you there I guess ;)

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