Saturday, 2 October 2010

Human Bombs For Retarded Ideologies

Haven't we had enough of that bollocks already ? Does the world really need any more ?

Well yes apparently it does, because on the day that Bin Laden says that climate change concerns him - well if I didn't think him mad I do now - he has released a new video threatening to unleash a new wave of human bombs into the west, a new wave of terror to punish the west for it's repeated insults to Allah's green earth and for not succeeding at Copenhagen.
Well no, not really. But a video has been unleashed upon the west and it is a video that the great, filthy wizard himself would surely approve of.

The odorous filth below that gives us yet another opportunity to glimpse into the minds of madness.
Into the minds of those who will not discuss. Who will not reason, debate or even argue with those of a differing opinion. A different point of view on what is quite an important subject (sound familiar). Into the minds of those who will, instead, make a movie showing their detractors being killed.

Fucking psycho much ?

And that isn't just some tacky, half-arsed glued-together YouTube vid is it. It's actually quite good, turn the volume off and I could watch it again and again and again. In fact I'm sure lots of people will indeed watch it again and again. But some will watch it with the volume up, most probably the ones being taught by that perfect fucking stereotype of a trendy teacher at the start. Ending up like this little, hate-filled drone of the new ages by the end.

Future psycho, no question.

"The number of victims caused by climate change is very big... bigger than the victims of wars". Osama bin Laden.


Anonymous said...

retarded???? don't you mean stupid?

Groompy Tom said...

Yes, stupid to the point of being retarded.

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