Wednesday, 23 February 2011

What Kind Of Democracy?

So David Cameron reckons that Middle Eastern dictatorships should lose out on hundreds of millions of pounds of European Union funding if they don't commit to democracy, does he?

Well I'm not the world's biggest fan of Middle Eastern governments but, to be fair, I think someone should warn them about what Cameron's idea of democracy really is.

Two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner springs to mind.


Now, sticking to the topic of fairness...

Dear Dave, What ever happened to that 'cast iron guarentee' you made about a referendum on EU membership? Oh, and please stop giving our money away.



Old person said...

Is the EU a democracy? Why should we shore up the EU with millions of pounds of our money?

We need a referendum on the EU issue.

But the important thing is that we are having an referendum on AV in May. Adding and additional referendum question should not be denied on cost grounds.

Why not simply write your own question, "Should the UK leave the EU?" to the ballot paper, an do a FOI request for the voting results.

Alternatively, interested and independent parties can ask for the ballot papers, and count them.

Can the government then ignore the democratic will of the people?

Groompy Tom said...

Old person, the EU is of course far from a democracy and there is know more telling feature of that lack of democracy than the EU's stubbornness to allow referendums in member states.
The EU will of course say it is up to member states to hold referendums but they know damn well that our politicians do not want to bite the hand that now feeds them.

Interesting concept on adding our own referendum question to the ballot papers but I think they would then be considered 'spoilt' and therefore not counted at all.

The only way we will get a referendum is through mass civil disobedience, leave the bastards no option but to cave in to our perfectly reasonable demands. I wish it wasn't so but I fear it is.

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