Friday, 11 February 2011

Does The EU Have A Legal Fiction?

There's been a bit of a buzz about the more freedom-loving blogs of late in regards to the subject of Legal Persons, also known as Trade Names and Legal Fictions. For those not familiar with terms such as these, a little education, in the form of the video below, won't hurt. Captain Ranty recently broke some excellent news that pretty much confirms the existence of these entities here.

Having been interested in this concept for a little while now - I could see myself one day going down that road I suppose - I've been reading up on it and the more I learn the more I inadvertently stumble across articles about it, or simply instances of the concept. Kind of like when you buy a new car and then suddenly start noticing that same make and model everywhere. Kind of.
Anyway, this morning I'm reading yet another news item clarifying how our elected traitors have ensured Westminster is now completely subservient to the European Union, when I come across this...
The Lisbon Treaty, among many other poisonous things, gave the EU 'legal personality' for the first time. That means it can sign international agreements, not as an agent for a group of 27 sovereign states, but as a state in its own right.
Interesting. More and more people are trying to ditch their damned Legal Persons and the EU goes and gets itself one. Extremely fucking scary and another battle in Britain's war of independence lost, but very interesting nonetheless.

Back to the subject of Legal Persons and below is one way of looking at it.

One of the greatest lies ever told is probably one you have never been told.
It's not that Jesus was the son of God or that Muhammad is Allah's final prophet or that there is actually a supreme being/s. It's not that the earth is flat or that man can effect climate change. It is not that I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, nor is it that I promise not to cum in your mouth.
The greatest lie ever told is you. Or rather one of the greatest lies ever told is that you are you, for you are not who you have been made to believe you are.
Ask yourself 'what am I'? Go on, ask yourself. Easy, huh? That's right you are a human being.
Now ask yourself 'who am I?' Go on. Easy, huh? Wrong, you are actually not 'insert your name here'.
You have a 'insert your name here' but that is your person. You are not your person. You ‘have’ a person but you are not your person.

You have been told that you are your person and that is one of the greatest lies ever told.

Now of course you are free to think or, even say out loud, that this is all complete horse shit and that all of the above is, in fact, one of the greatest lies ever told. But let us look at it.

You are either a man or a woman, or at least you were born that way, a person is not a man or a woman or any other gender, it is a legal entity and it is used for all your commercial, financial and governmental documents and accounts. A person is also sometimes referred to as a fictional entity, a trade name or sometimes even a straw-man.
You can not be possibly be your person because you are older than your person, your person can only have been created after you were born, it was named by somebody, most probably by your Mother or Father, and then created - or made real - by the state of your birth when it was certified or registered by the state. The registration of your person by the state gives the state ownership of your person and this is how the state controls you. Well, to be precise, it is how the state controls just as long as you choose to accept that you are your person.

"So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men."



Captain Ranty said...

Good piece Tom.

One point to strengthen is that legal fictions cannot "do" anything. You said the EU can now sign things. It cannot. It has no arms, no hands, no eyes, and without these, it cannot perform basic functions like signing documents. It needs to be animated, so we need an agent of the fiction to do what the fiction cannot. von Rumpouy is such an agent. He acts on behalf of the fiction. Just like Tom (the man) does for MR GROOMPY TOM the fiction.

The difference between the fiction and the man is huge.

The fiction is man-made. It can be un-made.

The man was made by a creator, and can only be un-made when he dies.

Anything made by man sits very low on the hierarchical scale. I did a piece about it some while ago in which I explained that parliament (and its agents) rank lower than amoeba. Lower, even, than bacteria. Those germs are alive, the legal fiction of an MP (usually a limited company), is not.

It's a deep rabbit hole, is this one.

Thanks for the link!


richard said...

Gordon Brown is the architect of our betrayal. But of course if man A agrees something with man B, it's not exactly binding on man C unless, perhaps, he sleeps upon his rights to object. A notarised affidavit to HM Queen (as the good Captain has pointed out in his blog) redresses the matter.

Groompy Tom said...

That was my first thought, CR. The 'EU has no arms, no hands, no eyes, and without these, it cannot perform basic functions like signing documents'. Von Rumpouy and his appointed agents acting on behalf of this fiction and therefore acting on behalf of all unwilling citizens of the EU, I don't like that one fucking bit.

I remember that post about MPs being below bacterias, it was very good. I always held them in that esteem anyway but you confirmed it as fact.

Groompy Tom said...

Richard, very true. At least some of us are choosing to object, not many but some.
Cheers for the link too, looking into now.

Doug Sign said...

Dear Groompy I have just come across your blog. Strike out the word "come" and replace with "spotted" as it could be misinterpreted.
Anyway I like the idea of the "straw man" but cannot really see an easy use for it.
I suppose if you have "bugger all" it might be worth being a "pain in the arse" to the "authorities" but for someone who has a few bob, a nice car and a paid up mortgage it could get you a whole bucket of grief.
I like the idea of "sticking-it" to the "man" but would like to do it with little "come-back" as possible.
The "state" is a big ugly geezer with a knuckle-duster and a gun, whereas I'm only a little bloke.

What do you suggest? Maybe I should send this to Captain Ranty.

Doug Sign

Groompy Tom said...

Doug, Captain Ranty would certainly be the man to talk to if you're interested in this. He's been into it for quite some time now. I agree the state will certainly make life as tough as possible for you should you choose to refuse to play their games. Love your description of the state as being 'a big ugly geezer with a knuckle-duster and a gun'..

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