Thursday, 17 February 2011

Doing The Same, Expecting Something Different...

...That's got to be one definition of insanity, hasn't it?

You know, doing the same thing over and over again, or copying someone else over and over again, but expecting a different result.

If that is a definition of insanity then it would seem the Australian Labor Party has lost the plot with this week's announcement that they will set up a council to salute the - wait for it, wait for it - "genius of multiculturalism".

That's right, at a time when other world leaders are finally beginning to admit what the common man has known all along, that multiculturalism is a failure, that the ideology of diametrically opposing cultures living side-by-side in harmony is never going to work. At a time when many commentators are predicting that parts of Europe will descend into civil war as different cultures collide, the ALP announce they are going to ramp up efforts to further enforce the pipe-dream of multiculturalism on Australians.

The Gillard Government will beef up a campaign supporting multiculturalism in the face of what is seen as growing resistance to new arrivals.
The fresh emphasis on the policy comes amid growing public hostility towards asylum seekers, and against significant population growth through immigration.
All legitimate concerns. On the point of asylum seekers, the average Australian has at least a basic grasp of geography and knows that Australia lies roughly 10,000 km, as the crow flies, from where most of these asylum seekers are coming from. To be told that these 'asylum seekers' are not targeting Australia, as opposed to the other dozen so countries they pass through, simply for it's soft-touch and welfare benefits is just fucking insulting.
Anyway, if there is a growing resistance from Australians towards new arrivals, then isn't it the job of the government to act upon the concerns of current citizens, not carry out social engineering projects to change them?

There also is apprehension that the increasing number of Muslim migrants will produce big cultural changes, and even the introduction of Islamic-based legal codes.
But according to the immigration minister, Chris Bowen, these fears are completely unfounded. He says;
"Australian governments do not defend cultural practices and ideas that are inconsistent with our values and ideals of democracy, justice, equality and tolerance".
Now Mr Bowen, are you soft in the head or are you just a liar? Has the immigration minister never heard of Halal meat? Halal meat is already big business down under, is the immigration minister saying that cutting an animals throat and allowing it to die in agony while it chokes on its own blood, all because some bloke reckons that will please his god, is a cultural practice that is consistent with Australian values?
Is the immigration minister unaware that some Muslims in Australia are already calling for Sharia law?

"For those fleeing persecution, terror and hatred, they come to Australia in search of peace, justice and harmony".
Peace, justice and harmony. Is that what those five Muslim immigrants from Somalia were looking for when they planned to attack Holsworthy army base?

"For many others, they come in the hope of creating, in this new land, a new life for themselves and their loved  ones for prosperity and in the knowledge that, in Australia, their children will not be discriminated against for their colour or creed".
So there you have it, according to the immigration minister, everyone that comes to Australia is simply looking for peace, justice, harmony, hope and prosperity.
No one comes to sit on there arse and claim benefits, no one comes to get a foot in the door to ship their three wives and ten kids over, no one comes to blow up army bases and no one at all comes to form into gangs and film themselves raping young women that they consider to be 'Aussie whores'.

The minister said the new multiculturalism council would "act as a champion for multiculturalism in the community, will advise the Government on multicultural affairs and will help ensure Australian Government services respond to the needs of migrant and refugee communities".
'Respond to the needs of migrant and refugee communities'? Well that includes me then, in fact that would include everyone other than the Aborigines, right? Somehow I seriously doubt it.

"We will also establish a National Anti-Racism Partnership and Strategy to design and deliver an anti-racism strategy."
For crying out loud, when did it become 'racist' to oppose the failed ideology of multiculturalism? Bowen you prat, wake up. Australians aren't against other races coming here, it's the arrival of a culture that has consistently proven itself to be completely incompatible with any form of freedom or democracy that they're worried about and you would do fucking well to remember that come election time. 
Look, I guarantee you that I've travelled and lived more of this world than you, Joolya Gillard or any of the other mungbeans in the ALP that have come up with this drivel, and I can tell you all now; it will never work.
Do your homework, the very idea of multiculturalism only came about because some cultures can not and will not assimilate, ever. (I won't mention a specific culture because you would only go and get upset on behalf of Muslims).
Now I'm sorry to rain on your parade but let me make this perfectly clear;
Your multi-kulti dream is dead, as dead as the fucking dodo. Dead, dead, dead!
All people are created equal, certainly, all cultures are not and never will be.

Australians, I have lived your future and I can tell you; it doesn't bloody work!

Disagree? Fine, get back to me in 20 years and we'll see who was right.


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