Thursday, 10 February 2011

The End Is Nigh For Britain.

No really, the signs are there and I'm not talking about the ones being carried by crazy old sign-walkers who reek of gin and foretell the end of the world and all that.

I'm talking about the end of any semblance of freedom speech. That's what I'm talking about.


Example 1. Referring to gossip about the future of the National Health Service as "jungle drums" results in an independent health watchdog having its funding cut and all its members barred from council premises, as the council prepares a ten page report into what it labels as a 'race row' that then lasts six months. I shudder to think what the penalty would be if one was to refer to rumours as 'Chinese whispers'. Public flogging, anyone?

Example 2. Shouting is now classified as violence. No, seriously. Shouting at one's spouse is now considered 'domestic violence'. Surely you don't have to think too hard to see where that is going. If shouting at a spouse is now domestic violence, then shouting at your children must be child abuse, shouting at a police officer must be assaulting an officer and shouting at a complete stranger; plain old violence. Makes me want to fucking scream!

Example 3. The word 'yuk', when used by toddlers to describe spicy food, is now deemed racist. A government funded (aren't they fucking all, eh?) bureau produces a 366 page report which advises staff in charge of pre-school age children to report as many incidences as possible of toddlers who "react negatively to a culinary tradition other than their own by saying 'yuk'. Disgusting!

Example 4. The term 'blacklisted' has been, well erm, blacklisted. A 'citizens advice bureau' advises that the term blacklisted, when used to describe computers or computer networks which have been identified as sending spam, should now be replaced with 'blocklisted' to avoid offense. I didn't realise spammers were such a fucking sensitive bunch!

Example 5. Miss or Mrs? Madame or Mademoiselle? Frau or Fraulein? Senora or Senorita? It doesn't fucking matter, use these titles at your peril as the European Union wants them banned.

Example 6. OK, whistling isn't speech but it comes close and college girls in England best be sure no builders are around when they do it because it is now regarded as "totally unacceptable" and may result in disciplinary action. You there, how very dare you purse your lips and exhale!

Example 7. Singing, now singing definitely involves speech. Just make sure it's not that old ditty the Hokey-Cokey you're singing up Scotland way or you may be banned from watching football. Because nothing more crude has ever been sung inside a football ground, right?

Example 8. The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 has outlawed all free speech - even silent, peaceful protest - within a designated area around Westminster. Farting and belching whilst feeding from the troughs is still highly encouraged.

I-------------------- 1.25km ----------------------I

and last, but certainly not least;

Example 8. The European Court of Justice outlaws criticism of  the European Union. That's right that unpopular schoolyard bully, that undemocratic, Soviet-style dictatorship, run by traitors and chancers, sees fit to lawfully suppress political criticism of its very own fucked-up institutions and pig-troughing leading figures.

It seems what they're trying to tell us is that the time for talking is over.

And if that really is the case then I guess there is only thing to do.

Pass the ammunition.



McGonagall said...

These folks come from a parallel universe and are invading through a wormhole terminating in Brussels. They are generally hard to distinguish from real human beings but can be identified by the fact that when they open their mouths shit comes out.

banned said...

Splendid work Mr Tom, too many topics to comment on them all but example One is actually rather splendid since it tells of the righteous turning upon themselves which is what happens in all dictatorial regimes from hitler through stalins show trials followed by Maos.

In example 6 of wolf whistling schoolgirls I note
"A spokeswoman for the contractors, Galliford Try, said: "We have no registered complaints on this issue." so what's the fucking problem Mr. Headperson? (example 5)

Groompy Tom said...

McGonagall, Perfect description of the righteous.

banned, The scary thing is it only takes a quick google search to find even more of these crazy tales.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Tom, An American here and new follower by way of Banned.

This is an excellent post!

Being freedom of speech is the basis for our 1st Amendment in our Constitution I truly understand your word's and see the very same coming here, albeit slowly under the guise of "political correctness".

I did hear of Camerons' recent comment's and pray they get traction.

We here in the States still have to contend with the PIECE OF SHIT known as Hussein Obama to contend with for a maximum just short of two years now but we are still fighting him tooth and nail on such topics you speak of to stave it off.

The real Americans support the real British and I for one would happily share my ammuntion with my allies in the UK!

(p.s., Our 2nd Amendment comes in very handy as it was designed to be in such situations.)

Groompy Tom said...

Cheers Christopher,
I'd be quite happy to live under something similar the US constitution and, like you I assume, I'd get mighty pissed off when people try and do away with it, which I understand is where the 2nd Amendment would come in handy. Australia wasn't lucky enough to have such a thing and they lost their weapons. Well law abiding Aussies did anyway, now it's just the state and crims who have the right to bear arms.

And of course it's absolutely correct to identify Political Correctness as being the wedge to pry us from dear held things like freedom of speech. They know we won't give up entirely on these freedoms so they us PCness to chip away at them until they're not worth holding on to. Or rather, that's their plan anyway.

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