Tuesday, 15 February 2011

So What Did You Learn At School Today?

Well if you're an 11 year old Muslim in Britain today, attending one of Britain's most influential Islamic schools, you may have learnt that Hindus have no intellect because they drink cow piss and that Jews, Christians and atheists are all 'Kuffars'; a derogatory term for disbelievers. If those lessons didn't sink in then chances are you were beaten around the head until they damn well did sink in, which must be an approved method of teaching because in 2009 this very school was praised by Government-approved inspection teams in a report that stated:

"pupils learn about the beliefs and practices of other faiths and are taught to show respect to other world religions".


And it certainly is unbelievable for some, especially those chasing the Islamic block vote, because despite Channel 4 airing undercover footage of these methods of teaching last night on its 'Dispatches' programme, uber dhimmwit and Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, has the audacity to defend the school, criticise the documentary and lay the blame at the feet of the English Defence League:

"If Channel 4 thinks this is a school where racism and intolerance is accepted in any way, they have got their facts seriously wrong. [The school] have already had hate mail, and now they are having to close for the safety of their pupils. This kind of documentary is ideal fodder for the English Defence League. Channel 4 is putting the safety of children at risk by criticising a school which is doing its job properly."

Putting the safety of children at risk! Bloody hell, the video clearly shows kids being assaulted. As for these schools doing their fucking job properly! Well if their role is to train up the next generation of suicide bombers and all-round Islamic nut-jobs, then yes I suppose they are. That's right, nothing to see here, move along, it can't be their fault they're Muslims, blame somebody else, Islam means peace, blah, blah, fucking blah.
I wonder if John Hemming has any kids, perhaps he'd like to put his money where his mouth is and allow his little darlings to be taught by these monsters, but I doubt it.

This isn't the first time Islamic schools in Britain have been in the spotlight either, a previous Dispatches documentary in Birmingham also uncovered the preaching of hate in Islamic centres. On that occasion West Midlands police dutifully investigated to see whether or not criminal offences had been committed, not by the Islamic centre mind you, oh no, they tried to bring charges against the bloody documentary team!

Will the politically correct of Britain ever fucking learn?

More in the Daily Mail.
More in the Guardian. (More excuses for Islam and blaming of 'the far-right' that is)



banned said...

Watch the whole thing over at

Barking Spider

Yes, the teacher gives the boys a few slaps and punches but nothing more than I witnessed at school in the 1970's and not as bad as getting a chalk duster on the back of the head.

I just love the bit when 'liberal' Anne Wotsit, former MP is shown the 'beating' on a laptop, her little gasp of horror is fucking priceless.

Groompy Tom said...

Cheers for the link to the vids over to Spidey's place, banned.

I'd be the first to agree that some of the little oiks on the streets of Britain today, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, could certainly do with a bit of old-school schooling, but from the vids it seems this lot are getting a kicking simply for the sake of getting a kicking.

"Oh! Good grief!" says the talking head. You're right that is fucking priceless. How can someone in her position be surprised by any of this? As for "We wouldn't allow this to happen to white kids at Sunday school" well no we wouldn't, nor would we allow it to happen to black, brown or yellow kids at Sunday school but that's simply because there aren't countless taxpayer-funded politically-correct diversity groups who would be willing to defend Sunday Schools if this were happening.

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