Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Police Called In To Control UAF Demonstration

Up to 80 Police had to attend a Unite Against Fascism rally in London at the weekend as UAF demonstrators, along with their friends from the Socialist Workers Party and Muslims Against Crusades, threatened to tear down a billboard they deemed offensive.
When asked by reporters why they considered the billboard to be offensive a spokesthing for UAF, Tanaya Mungbean, stated "that billboard is clearly aimed at insulting those who share our beliefs and we will not stand for it." A spokesbomber for MAC added "durka, durka, benefits and jihad", while members of the SWP said they were there to show solidarity with the great unwashed and also revealed plans to hold music events up and down the country. Break Beats Against Bathtime is planned for this coming summer and will be sponsored by the trade unions and Jobcentre Plus.

"After 170 years in the building trade we know how important a good bath is."


1 comment:

banned said...

No doubt harking back to the 1930's debate on whether to put baths in council houses since it was well known that the poor would only use them as something to put the coal in.

Not much of a demo, they seem to be outnumbered by the police.

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