Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Crime Hotspots And Murder Maps

For the first time detailed crime maps of England and Wales have been released online.

The police.uk website allows users to search by post code for detailed reports on crimes committed in their area over the last month. I say 'detailed reports' but it seems sexual assaults have been lumped into the category of 'other crimes' along with shoplifting and theft. Apparently this is to maintain victim anonymity, although I fail to see why sexual assaults could not have been grouped separately within a certain area without the need to tag them to a specific location; exactly what has been done to all crime statistics for streets with fewer than 12 houses.
The site cost £300,000 to develop and will eventually show crime trends as well as information about local police appeals and meetings.

Crime for December in the Whitechapel area of London

A similar, although non-government site, murdermap.co.uk, details all the murders to have taken place in London from the time of Jack the Ripper to the present day. Needless to say that is quite a lot of killing but one surprise find is that no one has been knocked off inside Westminster since PM Spencer Perceval was shot dead in 1812. Lucky buggers!

 Incidents of murder in London


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