Thursday, 30 December 2010

When Is Sexism Not Sexism?

The answer to that, of course, is when it is not.

Such as when an airline advertises fares "lower than Grandma's boobs" and is then forced to pull the offending advert from billboards after 'outraged locals' cry 'sexism'. The small facts, like the fact that 'Grandmas' and their boobs are not a sex, never seem to stand in the way of the self-righteous do they?

Note to advertisers: Don't be so quick to pander to the so-called 'outraged'. Sad cunts like Jacquetta Bell are not representative of the rest of us, they are just the empty cans rattling the most.

Note to the so-called 'outraged': Do just please fuck off!

Sexist enough for you, sad bastards?



evilsaint said...

Maybe the outrage is from leaving out the males from the ad, if they had "prices lower than grandad's ballsack" maybe it would seem an equal campaign and therefore cannot be sexist, on that note you better chuck in a "more exciting than 72 virgins fare". We don't want to piss any one off these days.

Groompy Tom said...

You could be onto something there, evilsaint.
After all Jacquetta Bell, the over-sensitive cow that organized the community outrage, said "the overwhelming message was they (Grabaseat) wouldn't say the same thing for men; like fares as low as your granddad's willy".
However one of my minions has brought it to my attention that another Jacquetta Bell - also of Nelson NZ, where the billboard ad was pulled - runs Nelson media agency, an advertising, promotions and marketing group. I wonder if it's the same woman.
If so, perhaps her outrage was directed more at the competition rather than the distance to the floor from grandma's boobs? The plot thickens!

Not sure if she'd go for your '72 virgins' promotion though, perhaps we should contact her and find out.

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