Monday, 6 December 2010

It's Not Racism It's Just That You're A Cunt

The mother of a student who has spent most of the year suspended has threatened to sue his school, saying they over-reacted to "trivial" incidents and alleging that the school has been racist and biased against her son from the outset.

Omar Olomi managed to get himself suspended on his very first day at school for changing out of uniform during recess and then refusing to attend student services. Since then Omar the innocent has also been suspended for intervening in an argument between a teacher and another student, arriving at school almost 4 hours late because he felt the need to get a fast-food breakfast beforehand, refusing to remove his hat during school assembly and then failing to attend student services and also for fighting.
But according to Omar's mummy these are all trivial incidents and the real reason her little angel has been suspended 5 times is because he is a Muslim from Pakistan.

No Ms Olomi, his religion and nationality have fuck all to do with it. You have brought up a little monster and it's nobody's fault but yours and his that his 11th year of schooling "has been destroyed" by repeated suspensions.
I'm not surprised you're trying to play the race card in suing the school and having the taxpayer foot the bill for your shitty parenting though, I bet little Omar has been driving you around the fucking bend with all this time off school, he sounds like a right little pain in the arse to have around the house and I bet that right now he's probably showing you his creative side by scrawling graffiti all over his bedroom walls before setting fire to the family dog and throwing it over the fence and into the neighbours' pool.
But at least he isn't destroying school property and setting fire to other students and that's all that matters.

'Why am I suspended from school ? All I did was chop the Principal's head off'


banned said...

Note the sympathy inducing downward shot of poor little Omar and his long-duffering Mum, my heart is bleeding.

Groompy Tom said...

Oh it was noted alright, banned.

'Look world, butter wouldn't melt in my mouth'

Fuck off !!!
Seen it all before, one-fucking-million-times too many.
Play the victim and you are the victim. For every piss-ant little 'omar' that pisses and whines about how hard done by they are, there are at least 100 that just get on with it.

EDL TV said...

needs a fucking good slap - little bastard ! excuse me french.

Groompy Tom said...

You're right EDL TV, someone needs a good slap but I'm not sure if little Omar or his dear old Mum would benefit more. Fuck it, give 'em both a clip around the ear.

No need to apologise for swearing, mate. Extreme profanities are highly encouraged around here.

flad said...

look omar isnt thAT bad of a guy... just a bit of a dickheaded cunt 95% of the time... look if u take off school uniform during school hours its only for the safety of other school members.. soo duh he's gonna get expelled... soo i haye the poor oh my lil boy got suspended for getting changed... well fuck you bitch the cunt deserved it... maybe school just isnt his thing... soo maybe he should consider something else...

Groompy Tom said...

I bet he gets that 95% from his mom too, flad.

If I had been suspended 5 times from school, the last thing on my old lady's mind would be about coming up with excuses for my behavior. The first thing would be would a wack around the ear holes do him any good, the second would be how long shall I ground him for and what fucked up jobs can I have him doing around the house.

Anonymous said...

Youre all fucked this guys got a golden heart and i know him he might have been a bad ass but dosnt mean you could assume his life as if you know what was going on, this isnt even the full story, the guy was suspendid for a large amount of days. dont be sheep

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