Friday, 3 December 2010

Female One-Legged Cross-Dressing Gypsy Muslims

What is one to make of it all ?

One minute I'm told I can't even sneeze in the workplace in case I upset some female, one-legged, cross-dressing, gypsy, Muslim man. The next I'm being told that it's all their fault that I sneezed and that only losers get bullied in the workplace.  According to conflict resolution expert Gavan Podbury "Australians need to acquire conflict resolution skills and they need to get the motivation to use them."
I agree, when picked on I quickly get motivated to give out a look that says "I am about to push your eye balls into your fucking brain with my thumbs" and I find that works every time.

On top of that I hear that Human Services Minister Tanya Plibersek is hunting a Christmas Grinch who wrote a memo suggesting Centrelink and Medicare offices should not display nativity scenes at Christmas.
"I have ordered that the Grinch be found and counselled" says Minister Plibersek. Well that shouldn't be too fucking hard, just look at the top of the memo and get their name you incompetent cow ! But incompetence isn't the point I'm trying to make here, the point I'm trying to make is one about mixed signals and in this case the mixed signals are coming from the fact that it is usually government offices, such as Centrelink and Medicare, that are at the forefront of banning all things Christmas. Now, they seem to have changed tack and become the defenders of it.

I'm so very confused now.

I couldn't find a picture of a female, one-legged, cross-dressing, gypsy, Muslim man.
So here is a picture of some Spirochete instead. Close enough.


banned said...

Our loving coalition have announced that employers are to discriminate in favour of " female, one-legged, cross-dressing, gypsies and Muslim men ". Looking on the bright side, it will be the public services that rush to embrace this and by the time pressure is put upon private companies there might not be any unemployed lesbian dwarves left.

Groompy Tom said...

I was reading about that just yesterday, Banned.
Inequality in the name of equality... The madness continues unabated.

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