Tuesday, 7 December 2010

WikiNicked: Assange Arrested

Julian Assange was arrested at 0930 this morning by British Police in relation to sexual assault claims filed in Sweden. Assange will have to appear before City of Westminster magistrates who will then decide if the warrant gives the go ahead for extradition.

Now if he is extradited to the States, then I wonder what's next for Mr Assange ? A US military court maybe, an all expenses paid, once in a lifetime, one-way trip to Guantanamo Bay or perhaps if he's really, really unlucky he'll even end up in one of Uncle Sam's Black Sites.

One things for sure though, one thing that the WikiLeaks founder needn't worry about is waterboarding.
I mean, there wouldn't really be much point now would there ? It's not as if he's ever resisted spilling the beans.


Bill said...

Is it only me who wonders why he was arrested in the UK?
There are much better countries to 'hide in' so why did he choose the United Kingdom?
Are we being taught a lesson that dissent will not be tolerated?

Groompy Tom said...

Are we being taught a lesson that dissent will not be tolerated, Bill ?

If we are then I'm not sure I'm willing to learn.

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