Monday, 20 December 2010

Topless Women To Fight Extremists

I had to check the date when I first found this article because I thought it was a leftover from last April Fools'. But no, it seems it's only a few weeks old and actually has nothing to do with April Fools' day which makes the article's headline of "Can Topless Women Keep Muslim Extremists Out of Denmark?" all the more fucking mind-boggling.

Peter Skaarup - foreign policy spokesman for the Danish People's Party - reckons that including footage of topless, Danish birds in videos that are used as part of an immigration test for potential citizens would help hammer home the point that Denmark is an open, free, booby-loving society and that hard-line Muslims may want to just fuck off and find somewhere else to invade.

Although Naser Khader - another Danish MP and founder of the Moderate Muslims movement - disagrees; "A pair of naked breasts is no protection against extremism...It's quite the opposite, fundamentalists are so obsessed with sex that they will be pouring in over the borders. Maybe we should try with naked pigs."

So there you have it, we now know the moderate Muslim's take on how to defeat the hardliners. Lure them in with naked honeys and then bomb them with naked pigs.
The ultimate booby-trap ! Don't think it would work? Then check out the destruction that a couple of naked pigs caused to the small town of Snohomish, Washington back in 2005.

'Your days are numbered Jihadist'


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