Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The All-Singing All-Dancing Fucktarded All-Stars

I thought Hummus was made from chickpeas but all I see are mungbeans.

Lots and lots of fucktarded, braindead, androgynous mungbeans singing and jumping and making complete cunts of themselves to the entire world, which of course also includes the Palestinians, most of whom probably wish this lot would just shut the fuck up and go have a wash.

Israelis and Palestinians take note - Whatever differences you lot have just get over them quick-smart so the rest of us aren't forced to endure anymore of this flashmob rubbish. It's all beginning to get a little out of hand.


UPDATE Oh fuck! Pause it every few seconds... It's fucking scary !


McGonagall said...

There is no solution to the Palestinian question. Israel must continue to screw them over or face its own demise.

Groompy Tom said...

Well put, McGonagall

History has shown us that time and time again. But in years gone by this would have ended long ago.

banned said...

There is nothing more offputting than a lesbian with a fucking cause.
I'm off to Tesco to see if they stock Sabre or Tribe hummus, don't particularly want any but I'll buy some just to piss'em off, just like I used to do with South African wines during their boycott.

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