Sunday, 29 May 2011

Anything You Say In A Taxi...

...Can And Will Be Used Against You In A Court Of Law.

I originally posted about this abomination of an idea a few weeks back but something went wrong and that post seems to have disappeared into the ether.

Anyway the gist of it is that all Australian Taxis will soon have to record all conversations that take place within them. Opening the door or starting the meter will start the tape rolling and every word uttered thereon in will be held for 35 days or until the state has deemed that no speech-crimes took place during the journey.

I can see a lot of business types feeling a little uneasy about taking important calls in Taxis from now on and I also suspect I will get a few strange looks from Taxi Drivers who, upon attempting to start up a friendly conversation, or polish up on their English skills, while at the same time giving me a crash-course in Afsoomaali, will be confronted by my best paranoid-schizophrenic impression and me pointing at the interior light, saying in a hushed tone...

"Shhhhhh, be quite, they're listening!"

News items detailing this fucking outrage can be found here and here.

The Government of Western Australia's new Taxi surveillance standards can be found here.


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