Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ivan Milat On Hunger Strike

For those who don't know, Ivan Milat is a sick little puppy who decided that to start torturing and then killing young people before burying them in a forest was a good idea.
He's refusing food now because he's been told;

'No Ivan, you can't play Playstation, you've been naughty'

No, I couldn't give a fuck if he starved either.

Actually, that was cruel. I mean, we should go easy on the old bugger, he's getting on a bit now and this is evident in the fact that his former protests involved cutting off his finger, swallowing razor blades and generally making a cunt of himself.
These days the frail old man can only manage to shun away a dinner tray.

So let him have his games console.

Except let the Australian taxpayer's buy him a Nintendo Wii instead... and make him do those satanic exercises over and over and over again... until he starts crying... and wets himself.

Or would those party-poopers at the UN not like that?

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