Thursday, 19 May 2011

The World Will End This Saturday...

... Apparently.

And some enterprising Atheists have come up with the perfect solution to the problem posed by the continuing welfare of pets left behind by their owners. Owners who have been whisked away to heaven during the rapture, of course.

One post-Doomsday group of pet-rescuing Atheists, Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, already has 259 clients, who have paid US$135 for their first pet to be rescued, with some even forking over another US$20 for each additional pet.

But it's not just dogs, cats and infidels that will be left behind after God starts sending down buses for the believers.
What happens to all the property of those who had the good sense not to blaspheme in accordance with Mark 3:29?
What happens to all their cool stuff like cars and boats and Plasma-TVs?

Well why not leave it all for the heathens to enjoy?

'like taking candy from a baby'


McGonagall said...

I've already specked out a rather Toni house with a beamer in the driveway. Good hunting.

Groompy Tom said...

You're not thinking big, McGonagall.

The Vatican will be mine, all mine.
Can't wait to roll that big ball thingy around my great big garden.

Anonymous said...

One problem for recovery of the housing price crash has been an over-supply of empty bank owned homes coming to market. After Saturday, if all the raptured peoples' homes are left behind and the banks repossess and put them for sale, that will drive real estate prices even lower. That must be God's punishment for those left behind, is the failing real estate market and making it worse with a new flood of empty homes.

Anonymous said...

Well they can fuck right off, Saturday is the first day of my holiday (a cottage near Oxford)and I'm taking Smartie (chocolate Lab) with me, so there.

banned said...

I thought that the rest of us got to die when the godly got raptured?
The first thing to happen is that the big dogs will eat the little dogs before reverting to being wolves and jackals.

Groompy Tom said...

"The first thing to happen is that the big dogs will eat the little dogs before reverting to being wolves and jackals."

Bloody hell! banned, there's a prophecy in those words somewhere.
I'm sure of it.

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