Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Fourth Reich?

There's a popular demotivational poster, perhaps some of you may have seen it, that pictures a long procession of Star-Wars fans, dressed as Stormtroopers, walking down a street. The tag line for the poster is something along the lines of...

Oh fuck it! I'll just show you. That'll be easier.

Well if the video below is anything thing to go by, then yes, yes I do think it will be this obvious.

Still, do you think anyone is going to see it for what it really is until it's too late? Do you reckon the average person will be able to tear themselves away from their beloved television long enough to even notice that line of Stormtroopers marching by? Would your MP be capable of lifting their head out of the pig-trough just long enough to catch a glimpse of it? Errr, that would be no, no and no!

Fascism is back in the form of the European Union and it's up to us to fight it.
If not us, then who? Our children? Our children's children?

How very fucking brave of us all!


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