Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Well, Just Fuck Off Then!

No not you, dear reader.

The fucking Pork-Chop pictured below, I mean.

Yes You, Abdul Tiba.
You can just fuck off back to Lebanon, son.
You won't be missed.

"I tell them I want to go back, I don't want to stay in this shit country."

Then fuck off!

"No one helps me in this country, no police, not any community, no St Vincents, no one."

Oh poor you!
Could I help in some way?
Do you need directions to the nearest airport, where upon arriving you could buy a ticket, hop on the very first plane, taxi up the tarmac, prepare for take off and then just fuck right off?

"I've been sleeping in the car. They give me two days in a motel like a fucking gypsy."

What was that? "In a motel like a fucking gypsy"
But Gypsies don't stay in motels.
Gypsies travel about having a good old jolly at the expense of...
Oh now I see. You mean in an Australian taxpayer funded motel.
A motel where you could always just, well you know, check out, leave us to foot the bill and just fuck the fucking fuck off!

But what is it exactly that Abdul Tiba doesn't like about the oh so fucking lucky to have him country?

Well, in his own words:

"Australia country they bring on 2006 from Lebanon all the citizenship, they spend 20 million thousand dollars but no one can spend $1000 to save my family."

And what is it that the Australian taxpayer should spend 20 billion hundred ten nine eight seven six five four three two one and fucking zero dollars on to save Pork Chop and his family from?

Well that would be an escalating gang-war that he and his family are allegedly involved in.

Well, as I said...

Not because you're an immigrant, not because you're Lebanese, not even because you're yet another bearded, middle aged, male, Islamic arsehole making life hard for every other arsehole...

But simply because you dare to come over here and start shooting shit up like some type of outlaw with a big fucking beard.

That's fucking why!

Only Ned Kelly can get away with that shit and he never went squealing to the coppers to protect him and his family.

Which is why we love him and not you.

Now, watch the door on your way out.



bald tyres said...

I'm sure his 17 kids and 4 wives love 'im.

And he's a total chav! Where did he get that sweatshirt??

Groompy Tom said...

I'm sure they do, bald tyres.

And they probably tell him they do every day... But only cause he'd beat their arses if they didn't.

But the sweatshirt is alright I reckon. I used to have one just like it but I gave it away to be given to the needy. That's probably where he got it.

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