Friday, 10 June 2011

Get It While It's Hot!

This particular clip doesn't seem to last very long out here in cyberspace...

Perhaps that has something to do with the naturally occurring censorship that pollutes the aquifer from which we drink.



nisakiman said...

HA! Rumbled!

He didn't have much of a riposte to the 1976 report, did he! Not relevant my arse. Typical fucking tree hugger; very selective with the facts.

Groompy Tom said...

Rumbled indeed, nisakiman.

Rumbled indeed!

bald tyres said...

I'm far from being a tree hugger and this fracking is dangerous stuff. Its not the gas that's the main problem but the dissolved hydrocarbons in the water itself. I would love to analyse the contamination levels in the water before and after the fracking started. Pound to a penny its miles higher! For the folks that might not know, these hydrocarbons are seriously carcinogenic and this is the crap your drinking, cooking your pasta with, and putting on your garden veg? blurghhh

Finally, the benefits from fracking due to production of available reserves of gas and oil are short term and limited in scope. The damage to underground aquifers from fracking could be long term to permanent. If and when they get contaminated they are impossible to clean up or treat. That's a lot of farms and people affected and a lot of drinking water that's lost to the already short reserves available.

We're messing with very dangerous issues we don't understand for the short term gain of a few rich speculators? Complete fucking madness.

Tree hugger? Me? Nah, I just look forward to the class action suits brought against the corporations and governments in a few years from the thousands of affected families and individuals.

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