Sunday, 18 July 2010

Where's the nearest toilet please mate ? Oh just back there, in the dark ages.

Insanity seems to be contagious these days.
At least that is the conclusion you'd come to when you consider that the good people that run Rochdale's Exchange Centre in Greater Manchester have completely lost the plot, in deciding to spend several thousand quid installing 'squat-toilets' in their shopping centre after attending a 'cultural awareness course' run by one Ghulham Rasul Shazhad.

This sums up exactly what's wrong with Britain today. You see in Britain, it's not the British that need to attend cultural awareness courses run by peoples of foreign cultures, oh no, it's the other fucking way round. The same can be applied to any country, in Saudi Arabia do the native Saudis attend cultural awareness training or do those that move there ?
Simply apply that logic and we won't end up with situations like this - where over 200 years of the great British toilet are erased in one foul swoop and replaced with a stinking hole in the ground so some 3rd world foreigner can feel right at home when snapping one off. I mean they don't even have toilet paper for fuck's sake ! Nope, just a quick squirt around the ring-piece from the hose, a few wipes of the sphincter with the left hand (not the right cause that would just be downright dirty) and it's off to the supermarket to paw at the fruit 'n' veg we go.

Although Khan Moghul, from Manchester Council for Community Relations would disagree with my view, in fact Mr Moghul thinks “it's a very good idea” and agrees with Mr Shazhad who said “in the Muslim culture we prefer to use water after relieving ourselves”. What, two Muslims in agreeance with each other over an issue that any civilised person would find repugnant, well there's a fucking surprise !!!

Am I the only one that sees the complete bastard irony in removing one style of toilet, familiar to a culture, and replacing it with another style of toilet, familiar to another culture, all in the name of cultural awareness ?

Thomas Crapper must be rolling in his grave.

Rating on the groompymeter ? 2/10 – I am not amused

And there you have it people, my first post off my chest and I feel much better for it too.
UPDATE 24/07/10 - It seems the management of the Rochdale Exchange Centre are not completely brain dead after all. A source from the centre has said the installing of these shit-holes is "being reconsidered".

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