Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Just Say No...

To the Ground Zero Mosque.

If not for the fact that it is simply fucking insulting for any Muslim to even dare entertain the thought of opening a Mosque in such close proximity to where millions of Americans and billions more people world-wide believe that just under 3000 people were murdered by 19 men, who not only practised the exact same ideology that will be preached in that building, but also carried out such an unforgivable act in the very name of that ideology.
Then maybe because the planned opening date for the 'Cordoba House/Park51' mosque is... September 11th 2011.
Like I said, “sheer fucking, jaw dropping, gob smacking, vomit inducing, you've got to be fucking joking, piss taking, mind numbingly, fucking insulting”.

But if the aforementioned is not reason enough for you, perhaps for any one of the following.
Go ahead take your bloody pick:

  • Contrary to opinion polls the majority of local residents oppose this mosque, but as is usual with the leaders of any western city, or government, the voices of their citizens fall on deaf ears – add your voice, make a noise, protest.
  • Muslims are commanded by their Koran not to take non-Muslims as friends. Any talk about this, or any other, mosque being a place for all cultures is a lie. All talk about Islam being compatible with other cultures, democracy and indeed the west itself is total bollocks.
  • In the spiritual heart of Islam, Mecca, the building of places of worship other than Mosques is banned. Non-Muslims who enter Mecca risk death.
  • Islam is an expansionist, totalitarian ideology that seeks not to mingle with, live alongside and respect other cultures and faiths, but to mangle, convert or destroy all others until only it is practised.
  • For every concession the west makes to Islam, the full implementation of Sharia law edges ever closer. The building of mosques on lands conquered by Islam has and always will be integral to the spread of Islam, allow a mosque to open just two blocks from ground zero and millions, upon millions of Muslims world-wide will see this as more than just a concession from the west, they will see it as the total capitulation of the west, a great victory for Islam and a devastating blow against 'the enemies of Islam'.

Add Your Voice, Make A Noise, Protest, Resist.

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