Saturday, 16 April 2011

You Need A Password...

For Your Own Good, Naturally.

Well it was fucking bound to happen eventually wasn't it? Yep. The US Commerce Department has just announced plans to hand out free online shopping passwords, in the form of smart cards or access sticks no less, to all US online shoppers who voluntarily sign up for its National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC).
No fucking surprises there.
And as usual the kind hands that guide us are all to happy to point out all the lovely ways in which their latest gift will make everyone's lives so much safer. "We must do more to help consumers protect themselves, and we must make it more convenient than remembering dozens of passwords" says the spokesface.
Again, no fucking surprise.
And of course the least surprising thing of all will be when this is declared a roaring success, not that any government pet-project is ever, ever declared a failure, and will then be rolled out world-wide so all humanity can sleep safe and sound in the knowledge that their government is standing right by them whenever they're online. A gentle hand resting on your shoulder, kindly guiding you through the hazards of cyber-space.

Oh well, freedom was good while it lasted.

Take a seat, let me show you how this is gonna work now.


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