Thursday, 28 April 2011

Starting 'Em Young.

Very young. Very very young in fact. 18 months old to be precise.

Dutch football club, VVV Venlo, have signed 18 month old Baerke van der Meij on a ten year contract after his father uploaded a video of the little tyke shooting three balls into his toy-box.
According to a club spokesthing "The toddler's favourite position has not yet been determined. But we can speak of a right-footed player with a very good kicking technique, perseverance and, importantly, football genes via his grandfather".
What's not clear from the video however is if young Baerke has formed the mental capacity to restrain himself from exploding into violent temper-tantrums and prolonged dummy-spitting when a referee's decision is not to his liking. Although, admittedly, that issue doesn't seem to affect Rooney's chances of a starting place too often.

The 'token' contract was signed on the dotted line... Or thereabouts.



banned said...

"football genes via his grandfather".
That's just fucking nuts, anyone recall a top player with a footballing dad or, for that matter a top player who was outplayed by his own spawn?

Groompy Tom said...

Yep, the whole things a little nuts I reckon, banned.

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